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   Chapter 630 Just Go With The Flow (Part Two)

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"Never mind. I don't care. Just go and leave me alone." Really? She didn't care? Jessica was not sure. She closed her eyes and was not in the mood to chat with Coco anymore. She didn't know whether she would be able to stay calm if she saw Edward again. She wasn't sure whether she would move on. But she was sure that no matter how hard she tried, Edward would never fall in love with her.

Coco tried to say something, but she bit back the words. Sometimes when people did something wrong, their lives would be totally ruined. Luckily, Coco pulled herself back from the abyss before it was too late. Otherwise, she might have ended up like Jessica. She had such a panic attack after seeing Jessica's situation and she felt lucky that she was not that stupid. Sometimes, giving up on someone wasn't a bad thing. She was lucky that she hadn't provoked Edward.

Compared to Jessica, Mary was a lot luckier. After all, her hair would soon grow back. As for being raped, she didn't care about that at all. She had always been a loose woman. So she was not sad about that.

She was more concerned with the fact that she was kicked out of the house. From now on, she was not the person from a rich and powerful family. Instead, she was merely an ordinary woman at the bottom of the society, living among the dregs.

"Mary, how could you be so stupid? Your father has often wanted to kick us out. Why did you do that? You know he cares about Daisy the most. Why did you provoke her? You were asking for this!"

Yakira had long lost her husband's love. What Mary had done put her into a more difficult position. Paul's appearance added to her misfortunes. She was in a sorry state, weighed down by numerous troublesome problems.

"Stop yelling at me. I am the only one who was booted out. You still live with the family." Mary's heart broke when thinking of Leo's attitude after he knew the whole story. She had never expected her father to turn against her. She was also a victim, but her father ignored that and threw her out of both Ouyang Foreign Trade and the family.

Mary smiled bitterly, and thought to herself, 'After all, I'm not his o

st admit it, Edward is an amazing puppet-master. Come on, never mind that. Just give me money."

He had investigated Edward during the past few days, and then knew that Edward's wife Daisy was Grace's daughter. He finally understood why Edward confronted him.

"What should we do? We can't just sit and wait for the cops." Yakira panicked. After all, she was a woman. No matter how elaborate her schemes were, she freaked out when policemen were involved. Edward was a powerful man and wouldn't spare them.

"Come on, you've been to jail once. But you got released, right? We did that more than twenty years ago and we have eliminated all evidence. Rest assured, no one will find out. There is no Sherlock Holmes in this world."

Paul snorted. He was amused by Yakira's reaction as he couldn't believe that Edward would find any evidence against them. Though he had left this country for more than twenty years, he still had channels he could go through for information. He had investigated many things over the past few days.

"Don't think so little of modern forensic techniques or Edward. If he wants to do something, he would have it done for sure. Just look at what you are suffering now. He can even freeze your foreign bank accounts. He is a powerful man. We can never underestimate him." Yakira was not trying to rain on Paul's parade. She was deeply aware of the importance of money and power in today's society.

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