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   Chapter 629 Just Go With The Flow (Part One)

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"Come on, Uncle Tom. I didn't set a trap for you. You set the trap, and I just pushed you into it." Draping his arms around Edward's neck, Justin smiled slyly and made a face at Tom.

"Justin! You are such a naughty brat!" Tom complained. He furrowed his brow when checking Daisy's face. The wound was so deep that he had to try his best to treat her.

"How is she? How bad is it?" Edward let his eyes settle upon Tom's face, so that he wouldn't miss a single expression.

"Not bad at all. It's just very time consuming." Tom straightened himself. Other doctors might carry out cosmetic surgery to eliminate the scars, but Tom was the exception. He had conducted experiments for so many years and had developed effective scar elimination products.

"Great! Time is not a problem." Actually Edward didn't care about the scars on Daisy's face and he would love her in any case. The reason that he was so nervous was that she cared about all that.

"What are you talking about?" Daisy looked back and forth between Edward and Tom, wondering what they were talking about.

"We're talking about your wounds. What do you think we're talking about?" Edward lied because he didn't want Daisy to worry about her face. He didn't want her to know how serious the wound on her face was. She didn't need to know that right now.

"Daisy, please rest assured. I'm a capable doctor. I can cure any wounds without leaving a scar. I promise you will become the pretty lady that you were before." Tom comforted Daisy. He was very confident in curing her as he had the strength. He knew what he was doing.

"Don't stress out. I won't blame you if I get scars, " Daisy stated indifferently. She was about to give Tom a smile, but when she recalled the sharp pain the last time she tried that, she didn't.

"Come on! If I couldn't cure the wound on your face, I would deserve to be called the Genius Doctor." Tom swore he would cure Daisy no matter how hard it was. But if any other woman had the same problem, he would not go to so much trouble. It was only Daisy that he cared about.

"I like that, bro! You may leave now. Remember, come and change the dressing on the wounds

ways believed that she could manipulate anyone. But now she realized that she was nothing.

"What are you going to do in the future?" Coco asked as she sat down. After seeing Jessica's tragedy, she had totally given up on Edward.

"Just go with the flow. Don't tell my parents what happened. I don't think they can withstand the blow." Was it too late for her to think of her parents now? At least she knew she had been wrong in the past. If she still went up against Daisy, she would be totally screwed.

"They will figure it out sooner or later. Jessica, what about you? Is it a blow to you?" Coco frowned after asking the question as it was a stupid one. A woman had been left hideously disfigured and would be unable to become a mother. If it wasn't a blow to her, then she must be a machine with no feelings.

"It was more than a blow to me." Jessica lifted her hand to touch her abdomen. There was once a baby there, but it was destroyed by her ignorance and envy. The baby was both unfortunate and fortunate; unfortunately, it had no chance to come to this world, but fortunately, it would not have to have such an irresponsible mother.

"Jessica, don't be so sad. You can have plastic surgery. You'll be the same beautiful lady for sure. As for the baby, you can adopt one. It's not a big deal." Coco tried to comfort Jessica. But she couldn't help but sigh when saying this. After all, Jessica was unable to have her own child.

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