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   Chapter 628 You're Still Beautiful In My Eyes (Part Two)

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"No, I didn't. I called you my Goddess." Edward tried to smooth things over, and make an excuse for what he blurted out. He hadn't expected her to know this so soon. He planned to tell her later. As for the exact timing, he wasn't sure. There was a whole life ahead them, he would finally find a suitable time to tell her, to surprise her.

"Did you? I must be tired and getting sentimental." 'I might have heard it wrong. Have I lost my mind to think that Edward knows my childhood name, a name which hasn't been called for a long long time?' she thought to herself.

"What is it? Does that name mean something to you?" asked Edward expectantly. He wondered whether Daisy still remembered their chance meeting in childhood. If she had no clue about it, how could she fall in love with him at first sight?

"Yes, it means a lot. My mother used to call me that. She once told me that I was born in a city filled with the fragrance of jasmine. So she always called me Jasmine. I haven't heard anybody call me by that name since she passed away. So, I must have heard you wrong. I'm sorry for misunderstanding what you said."

Daisy recalled her childhood, when she would cheerfully and happily throw herself in her mother's arms whenever mother called her by that name. However, that was ages ago, and she could never get that back again.

"So, can I call you Jasmine?" asked Edward tenderly. He never expected that, Daisy who was a lovely girl in the past, would grow up to become a cool and aloof beauty twenty years later. He had thought that the little girl with broad and sweet smiles would live a happy and harmonious life. However, he had been terribly wrong.

"Piss off. Never treat me like an innocent kid." Although she liked that name, it was only a memory that nobody should mention it again. Without her mom alive, it meant nothing.

"Mom, you're back finally." Justin walked in cheerfully. The bruises on his face had disappeared thanks to Tom's efforts. As expected, Tom followed him and also walked inside.

"Yeah, my dear boy. Are you alright? Does it still hurt?" asked Daisy anxiously, observing Justin up and down. She would never forgive herself for getting Justin involved, frightened and hurt.

"Don't worry, Daisy. I have got him covered. He'll be fine, " said Tom. "Thank God, you finally woke up.

uld stay here checking up on Daisy's health or he should just leave.

"I think so too. Let's get out of here so that my parents can hug and kiss, " said Justin, winking. Justin's words brought a warm flush to Daisy's face. His mouth twitched slightly, and he giggled.

"You two are too much. Now get out of here, " said Edward in a fury. He had expected Justin and Tom to leave as soon as Tom finished the physical examination. However, he had been disappointed and increasingly annoyed. He glowered at them, hoping that he and his wife could be left alone as soon as possible.

"Haha! Dad, we're just admiring you two." Justin cheerfully threw himself into his dad's arms, and winked at Tom, "What about you? Uncle Tom, " asked Justin.

"Justin's right. We're just jealous of you, a sweet couple. Your public display of affection and love surely makes us feel jealous." Rain had always been the funny one. But Tom had somehow learned how to make fun of other people.

"Uncle Tom, don't do that. I'm not one of you guys. I'm just a kid, and have no clue about how love works. And don't tell me, either!" Justin prevented Tom from saying anything more. He hadn't forgotten why his laptop was locked up by his mother. So, he wouldn't discuss love with three adults.

"Damn, little man. You set a trap and I walked straight into it." Tom knew Justin was smart, and had outwitted himself. He hoped that Edward wouldn't lose his temper for this. He didn't want to lose his opportunity of gaining some funds from Edward to finish his experiments.

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