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   Chapter 626 The Tough Punishment (Part Two)

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Edward left composedly, as if it wasn't an arms dealer but a business partner who he had been dealing with. Hero's feelings for Daisy seemed to be sincere. It was only because of Daisy that he had come back despite knowing how dangerous it was. Edward admired his courage and devotion. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who appreciated Daisy's virtues. There were many other men who admired his wife. It seemed he had to be alert now. It was a troublesome issue.

Kevin twitched his mouth. Edward didn't seem to be helping. He was only making the situation worse. The tension hadn't been eased but rather aggravated now. Besides, he had to stand there listening to Edward and Hero talk about the woman he loved too. They could talk about it openly but Kevin felt bitter listening to that. Yet from Edward and Hero's conversation he figured out what Hero had come back for.

"Major General Gu, what's going on here?" Mr. Yi, the chief of Public Security Bureau, hastened here with some policemen. He had no idea who the abductor was and why Kevin was doing nothing.

"What does it look like?" Kevin was angry now. He didn't dare to yell at Duke or be mad at Edward. Yet he sure could take it out on Mr. Yi.

Mr. Yi gave an awkward smile. He actually couldn't tell what was happening. This was why he asked. But as a lower-level official, he couldn't tell Kevin that. So he quietly put up with Kevin's bad mood.

"Major General Gu, do you want us to leave safely or die together with you? Either way, I don't care." Hero smiled bitterly. Edward had ignored his provocation and left indifferently. The contempt in his attitude was like a blade stabbing his heart. That man was too powerful. He felt like a clown in front of him. He had lost miserably. Su

ro did it for him.

In this disaster, Jessica lost her child and she could never be a mother again. This was the toughest punishment for any woman. Hearing the result from the doctor, Kevin sighed. Jessica had brought on this to herself. She shouldn't have made so many troubles for Daisy in the first place.

Fortunately, Hero was caught at last. But Kevin thought Hero surrendered on purpose. He had been found too easily. Most likely, Hero had turned himself in because of Daisy. Apparently, he was crazy about her. Sadly, just like Kevin, he too had fallen in love with the wrong woman.

The sky wasn't clouded because of someone's misfortune. It didn't rain because of someone's sorrows either. It was a new sunny day. Daisy finally woke up.

She had been sleeping for two days. It was either because of the effect of the anaesthetic or because she was just too tired. Edward had been worried to death. Tom had been requested to stay in the Mu's villa so that he could be around Daisy round the clock. He wasn't even allowed to go anywhere. Edward finally realized what Daisy must have gone through during the days when he was in a coma because of the gunshot.

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