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   Chapter 625 The Tough Punishment (Part One)

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"Save you? Why? I can't wait to see you get shot." Edward gave an evil smile. Since Daisy fainted suddenly, he didn't get a chance to deal with Jessica and Mary. Now they were Hero's hostages. There was divine justice after all.

"Why are you so cruel to me? I did everything only because I love you!" Jessica wasn't desperate yet. She was filled with hatred. She hated Daisy for taking everything from her. She hated Edward for ignoring her love. She hated the fact that the baby she was carrying was not Edward's.

"You don't love me. You just like having me. You enjoy the feeling you get when people see you with me. You love nobody but yourself." Edward looked Hero in the eye. He was not saying this to Jessica alone. He was directing it to both Jessica and Hero.

Hero was clever. He understood what Edward was saying. But he pretended to not hear anything. He stood there quietly because he didn't want to be embarrassed.

"Mr. Mu, don't you think I am a better choice for Colonel Ouyang than you?" Hero was still pointing his gun at Jessica as he talked to Edward. He never let his guard down.

"You can't judge a pair of shoes simply by looking at it. Only the person who wears it knows whether it would suit him or not. Therefore, only the person in a relationship knows how it feels to be with the other person. I'm not sure if I am the perfect guy for Daisy, but I know one thing, I am the person she wants the most, "

Edward retorted casually. He made his point and told Hero how important he was for Daisy. His answer was short yet powerful. The idea was to kill two birds with one stone.

"That's because she hasn't been with me yet. So she doesn't know who is the best for her. You're not her. You don't ge

out it.

"If you are talking about the women in your hands, they are nothing to me. You can do whatever you want to them." Edward twisted his mouth contemptuously. Other women's lives didn't concern him.

"I mean dying together, you and me. Can you still remain calm?" Hero looked at Edward provocatively. He wasn't as overbearing as Edward. But he didn't believe that Edward loved Daisy enough to die for her. He was such an outstanding man after all.

"Can you do that? I don't think so. Since you can't, why should I be alarmed?" Edward raised his eyebrows. He treated Hero's provocation as nothing and wondered why this man was interested in Daisy. Didn't he know that he and Daisy were on two opposing sides?

"Should I give up on her?" Hero wasn't a sour loser. It was just that he had taken a huge risk to come back for Daisy, but now he couldn't even see her. He wasn't ready to give up like that.

"You think about it. All I can say is that you came a little late in Daisy's life. I don't hate you much. Despite you being a part of the abduction, you didn't harm my wife and my son. So I won't interfere in what you do next. Take care."

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