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   Chapter 624 Help Me (Part Two)

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Kevin sighed deeply. 'Even if I count Luke and his men in, we are still understaffed. The police are still on their way. Oh, God bless us. Please don't let Jessica and Mary meet Hero.' Kevin had put his major security at work on the ambulance in which Daisy was being treated. He was thus, left with no extra men to track down Jessica and Mary. Furthermore, it wouldn't be appropriate to conduct an inch-by-inch search. They were under a fear of ambush and had no idea from where the gangsters might appear all of a sudden. Luckily, they parked their cars in places that were hard to find.

Just as Justin expected, Hero did come back. Though he was aware of some anomalies, he had to come back for Daisy. So, instead of breaking in directly, he sneaked undetected into the house. He was shocked when he saw Jessica and Mary there. He was glad he saw them first. Thank goodness! He could hold the two women as hostages to make his rivals compromise with him. "Cousin Hero, please, take me away." Jessica grabbed Hero's hands forcibly as soon as she met him. She literally abandoned her pride now.

"Relax, Jessica! I came here to pick you up. But who did this to you two? What happened?" Hero wanted to fully understand the situation. He was wondering if he had any chance of winning the upcoming fight.

"Nobody but that bitch Daisy. Someday I will bring her down myself." People like Jessica were rare. She immediately forgot all her pain when she saw the little hope of escaping. Though she was still in danger, she got a little carried away. Now, she wanted to take revenge on Daisy along with Hero.

"Do you really think you still have a chance to hurt Colonel?" Kevin Gu said grimly, pointing his gun at Hero who was standing next to Jessica. Bad luck, Jessica and Mary met Hero.

"But, I have a chance." Hero moved so quickly. He immediately grabbed Jessica in front of him. Jessica was nothing but a pawn for him. It would be a shame if he didn't use her now.

"I thought you are her cousin, right? Why are you so cruel to her?" Kevin couldn't believe Hero could hold Jessica in front of him to take a bullet for him. Now, Kevin was hesitant. He didn't know if he should shoot or not. Yes, Je

hen he saw Edward with his own eyes. Edward was strong and smart. This man was a real king in spirit. Although he admitted to the excellence of Edward, he didn't change his mind to take Daisy away. He knew this was his only chance to have Daisy.

"Yes, you are right. So are you still confident enough to take my wife away?" Moments back, Edward was in the ambulance with Daisy. But after Tom finished treating Daisy's wounds, Edward left Daisy to talk to his sweet son. He heard from Justin about Hero. Justin told him Hero was crazy for Daisy. He bristled with anger, so he came here to see the wretch who dared to kidnap his wife.

"Do you really think you can stop me?" Hero laughed loudly and arrogantly. He didn't want to be defeated by Edward in vigor.

"It doesn't bother me, really. Because Daisy would never go with you." With both his hands inserted in the pocket, Edward raised his eyebrows while he stared at Hero. To tell the truth, Hero was a wonderful guy. Edward admired him for the fact that Hero risked everything for the woman he loved. This made him feel, that they were a bit alike.

"Edward, please help me. I don't want to die…." Jessica begged and stared at Edward pitifully. Even though Edward ignored her, she didn't give up, hoping that Edward would save her for old times' sake. In her mind, Edward loved her before. Edward could not be so cruel to the woman he loved. But obviously she was totally wrong. Edward never really loved her.

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