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   Chapter 623 Help Me (Part One)

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"Damn it, everyone is gone. Fine, I should go too! Why should I be here watching them? No, it is emotionally scaring. And I don't give a shit about what happens to them. it's none of my business." Rain muttered to himself. He looked at the screen, then got up and walked out of the monitor room.

Maybe Fortune favored Jessica and Mary! They were saved by the special troops who came later. The special troops thought they were victims. That came across as a relief for Duke and Rain. Although Duke and Rain didn't like Jessica, they didn't have the heart to watch a pregnant woman get raped. That was too sick. Come on, they were not beasts.

"Duke, you are here, too." Kevin Gu didn't expect to meet his brother-in-law here so he was quite surprised when he saw Duke.

"Yeah, this is not your military area. It's a public place. If you can come here, so can I." Duke didn't know why he was so mad at Kevin but he got angry as soon as he saw Kevin. He could not help it. That really didn't sound like something a gentlemen like Duke could do.

"No, no, no. That's not what I meant. I'm a bad talker. Sorry, Duke. Is Colonel Ouyang all right?" Among those who were here, Duke was the only person who Kevin knew well. So Kevin had no choice except to talk to Duke to know how things were going.

"How would I know? I have all the same information that you have. The doors of ambulance are shut. Can't you see?" Duke rolled his eyes and sulked. As a matter of fact, he was jealous of his little sister's partiality to Kevin. Leena Leng was his only sister. He really cherished Leena and Leena used to put Duke first. But everything changed after Leena met Kevin. Kevin married Leena without asking his permission. This was why Duke hated Kevin so much.

"Excuse me, Major General, I have to tell you something." Luke Luo rescued Kevin from the embarrassment. Obviously, Luke was unaware of the awkwardness between Kevin and Duke. He didn't care either.

"What's the matter?" Kevin followed Luke and they walked to the other side. Kevin glanced at the special ambulance inadvertently.

"I overheard Jessica saying that there were more people involved in the kidnapping of Mrs. Mu and Justin. But they aren't here. They might be tougher than the rest of the men. I heard, they will be back any minute."

Luke was a deeply sensitive person. He did not put his mind on torturing Jessica and Mary. Rather, he listened to them carefully and finall

es, we kept them under strict surveillance. But they said they wanted to go to the bathroom. So we let them go and waited outside. We waited for a long while but nobody came out. When we went inside, we saw that nobody was there. There was another exit in the bathroom and we had no clue about it. They must have run away from the exit in the bathroom. You know the yard layout is so complicated. This is why, we couldn't find them easily. But we are certain that they are hiding somewhere in this house."

The special solider didn't dare to look in Kevin's eyes. Kevin thought that it was possible for them to run away because the solider guarding them was a new recruit and had no experience in guarding.

"All right. They are still in the yard, so we will find them out sooner or later. Just set it aside for now. Let's focus on Hero. Watch it, Hero is a piece of work. Pull yourself together." So, here they were. They had no other choice but to divert their attention to the more important things. However, things became more complicated just because of their ignorance in watching over Jessica and Mary.

"Yes, Major General." It seemed that Kevin didn't blame him. The special solider felt relieved. He quickly walked away from Kevin before Kevin changed his mind and took out his anger at him.

Kevin raised his head and looked up at the house. He realized that it was not a simple house. The place occupied a vast area and several small backyards were attached to the main building. They wouldn't see the backyards when they were in the foreyard. He understood that while he was arranging the security a few minutes ago.

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