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   Chapter 622 The Only Woman I Respect (Part Two)

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"Yes. Let them have some fun." Luke's mouth twitched and he repeated Edward's words shyly. Luke knew that Jessica was pregnant so he didn't want to hurt her ealier. But she broke free of Luke's grip and let Daisy and Edward get hurt. Luke regretted that he hadn't held Jessica tightly.

"So, it's time to have fun! What are you waiting for?" Duke was a hard man, he didn't show any tenderness in handling matters like this. No wonder people called him a man with a poker face.

"Duke, you fucking faggot, how did you think that you can take the place of Edward and decide all this?" Duke didn't know what to say to Jessica. Why did she act so arrogantly even when she knew she was in trouble? Was she not afraid to die?

"How? Let me tell you. You hurt the only woman I genuinely respect in this world. Are you happy with my answer now?" Duke smiled coldly. One could easily see the coldness in his eyes and expressions that went well with his aloof personality.

"Haha! Did I hear that right? You are cheating on your own brother." Jessica shook her hands when she was caught. She became crazy and nervous. 'Is Daisy really that charming? Why are so many men nice to her?', Jessica thought.

"Jessica, you are such a disgusting woman. We're not like you! You should not regard your ignorance as a virtue. Our respect for Daisy comes deep from our heart. A woman like you cannot understand what I am talking about."

Rain gave Jessica a disdainful look, and sneered. One look at Rain, and people around could tell how much Rain hated Jessica.

Jonathan wanted to punish those people himself, but after watching Duke's reaction, he smiled, held Justin in his arms, and left without saying anything. Jonathan knew that Duke and Rain would never spare these thugs.

Although Edward knew how bad Daisy's wounds would be when he saw Daisy, he was still frightened by Daisy's wounds when he saw Tom skillfully treating Daisy's wounds. He couldn't overlook the fact that Daisy might have endured so

eally hold back?"

Wolf approached them step by step. He went for Jessica, who he had liked since a while ago. Although Jessica's beauty was destructed by a knife wound on her face, she still looked charming in Wolf's eyes.

"NO! Damn it! Duke, let me go!" Jessica staggered to the door. She was panicking. She didn't want to be raped by these gangsters.

"You really drugged her with the philtre?" Duke stared at the video, and then gave Rain a cold look.

"What? You really think I am a pervert? Why would I carry that thing with myself? I was just bluffing them. I will never use such a nasty thing to anyone." Rain crossed his legs with an evil smile on his face.

"Who knows. Forget it. Watch them. I'd like to go out and see how Daisy is doing." Duke glanced at the video again. Then, he got up and walked out.

"Are you kidding? I can't stand this erotic scene. Luke, you're here to watch them. I'll go out and see Daisy too." Rain looked at Luke, the only man here, with crafty brightness in his eyes.

"I am not interested in such things. As for you, don't you always want this?" As soon as Luke finished his words, he ran out of the room. He didn't want to be left alone in that room. Luke had several important things to do. He had to take care of something even more important after hearing Jessica's words.

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