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   Chapter 621 The Only Woman I Respect (Part One)

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Justin pursed his lips, and began to shave off Mary's hair mercilessly. Within a few minutes, Mary had turned bald. Justin threw the blade to the ground and clapped his hands in disgust.

"Well, old woman. You're not that bad, so it is just a small punishment. You better pray for everything you're about to face now." Compared to Jessica's cruelty, Mary wasn't that bad, so Justin had no intention of getting back at her in a serious manner. Only children would think this way. As for Jessica, Justin's father would never spare her, so he didn't bother to do anything to her.

"It is not a time to celebrate. I am going to kill you." Without looking in the mirror, Mary knew how ugly she must be looking with a bald head, so she shouted angrily.

"You think you can do that?" Justin shrugged off her threat and looked at her coldly. He was happy to see Mary look like this. Justin's face was a little red and swollen, which made it difficult for him to even smile properly and made him look a little bit funny.

Edward frowned. Moments back, he was so far from Justin that he couldn't even see his face but now when he looked at his face closely, he felt guilty. Justin's face was covered with bruises. Seeing this, the look in Edward's eyes became crueller and fiercer.

"Come here, all of you, " Edward said coldly with a raging anger in his eyes. He coldly looked at the sleazy gangsters, "Aren't you trying to have fun? Today, I will let these two women accompany you to have some fun. Let's make everything clear at first. None of you is allowed to leave without my permission, or I will feed your bodies to crocodiles."

"Edward, are you threatening me? You can't do this to me. You can't!" Jessica shook her head in panic. Although she knew Edward was not a soft hearted person, she expected him to forgive her for the sake of the past.

"I can't do that to you? Then why did you do that to my wife and son? Jessica, when did you become so naive?" Edward said sarcastically. In all honesty, Edward never expected Jessica to be behind all this. Sadly, he

was the first time Jonathan had comforted anyone other than Cynthia, so his tone sounded a little stiff.

"Grandpa, is it true?" Justin asked Jonathan childishly with tears in his eyes.

"Yes! I give you my word. Your uncle Tom will take care of her. Don't you believe him?" Jonathan frowned at his bodyguards and instructed them to leave. If Jonathan's guess was right, it would not take too long for everyone else to come here.

Jonathan's bodyguards disappeared in the face of the crowd. No one saw how they disappeared, just as no one saw how they appeared. The horror of such a thing frightened everyone, and they all secretly got nervous. It was only then that Wolf and his buddies realized they were fighting the wrong guys.

"It turns out that these two ugly women are behind all this nuisance. Are you crazy to turn into nuns now? You, you even shaved your head before becoming a nun? What a pity! To be honest, women like you are not qualified to be nuns at all. Give up the idea of becoming a nun and do some good to the society. Don't stain the sacred temple."

Rain was definitely a venomous man. He already hated these two women, and after seeing Daisy bruised like that, he hated them even more.

"Luke, did Edward tell you how to deal with this group of people?" Unlike Rain, Duke was a serious person. He wanted to reach the conclusion fast and quick.

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