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   Chapter 620 The Rescue (Part Three)

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Daisy watched all this coldly. If this had happened in the past, she would have definitely stopped Edward from hurting a pregnant woman, but not today. She came to realize that mercy to the enemies means cruelty to herself. And she knew Jessica deserved no mercy. Her heart was full of bitter hatred and there was no room for regret or compassion for people like Jessica. She had to pay for all her sins today.

"Don't be so confident about yourself. Blind confidence will do you no good. You want to have fun? Let me grant you your wishes now."

Edward was never a nice and merciful man. He might appear soft and gentle, but if there was an enemy who had to be tackled, Edward showed no mercy. He was literally like a sleeping lion, ready to launch an attack if people crossed a line.

"As for the rest of you, get up if you are not dead already, " demanded Edward sternly while his eyes running down those gangsters. He wasn't in a hurry to deal with them since they were already knocked out. They didn't have any energy left in them to attack or run away. Before he did anything, he wanted to take his time to find out exactly which one of them humiliated his wife. As soon as he did, he would chop those hands off and feed them to a fish!

"What do you want? Don't forget that I'm pregnant!" Jessica was clever enough to read through what was on Edward's mind. So she watched his each and every move with a tingle of horror.

"So you actually know that you are expecting a baby? Do you really think you still deserve to be called a mother given all of this vicious behavior? But there is no need to get tensed. Be assured, I'm not as twisted as you. So I wil

nd lift me up?" He glanced around the room with his big, round eyes resting on those masked men standing behind his grandfather. Justin looked at them up and down curiously and thought they were really cool.

When being asked, the men immediately looked in Jonathan's direction. It was not until Jonathan nodded his head that one of them squatted down and lifted Justin up. Clearly, they would only follow Jonathan's order.

"I suggest that you stand still, old lady! Otherwise, I can't gurantee that I won't cut your scalp accidentally." Seeing Justin take a sharp little blade out of his backpack, everyone knew what Justin was up to. Now, they all understood what he meant when he said he would make it easier for Mary to confess to the Buddha. He was going to shave off her head. Although Justin did it mostly for fun, it could be a nightmare for a woman who cared so much about her appearance.

"How dare you!" Mary now realized what Justin was about to do with her. She tried to squirm out of the grip regardless of how embarrassing it looked like. Anyway, she would rather die than turn into a nun.

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