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   Chapter 619 The Rescue (Part Two)

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She was only a few steps away from him. However, it seemed to him that it would take his entire life to get to her. Men do not cry easily unless they are deeply hurt. The moment Edward touched Daisy's bloodstained body, his heart missed a beat and his eyes blurred with tears.

"Edward..." She curled up and tried to hug herself at the sight of him. Was he really here? Or was it just an illusion? Was it only the remembrance of her man moments before her death?

"It's me, Daisy." Holding back his grief, he murmured to her with his lips quivering. In the meantime, he quickly took off his coat and wrapped it around her as gently as possible. He tried not to touch her wounds.

"So it is really you. You have really come for me..." Clinging on to his coat, Daisy simply gazed at him. Her lips were dry and chapped because of dehydration.

"Sorry, I am late!" Then with profound gentleness, he held her tight in his arms. A drop of tear fell quietly from the corner of his eyes and rested onto her neck. She could feel the chill of his sadness when his tear touched her skin.

"I'm fine, really. Because I knew you would definitely come and save me." She dared not meet his gaze or move a muscle. Daisy would rather let him wrap his arms around her waist, and feel his tenderness.

"Thank you for your trust, my dear. But I'm sorry that I failed you today, " said Edward in a deep and shaky voice, which was full of regret and bitterness.

"Don't cry for me, Edward. Not now, not in front of so many people. They may laugh if they see you like this." She bashfully looked around, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that others were still involved in a fight.

"I don't care. They can just laugh if they want, " sniffed Edward indifferently. But he suddenly noticed that in the very air he breathed in, there was a smell of blood. He snapped out of his remorse and lifted up the coat to check her over.

him guessing.

"I knew it. I know you still love me. It's all this woman's fault! She has been trying to steal you from me!" Raising her head high, Jessica glowered at Daisy gloatingly.

"I won't let her hurt you, and that's for sure. But it doesn't mean that I won't do it for her. You are such a malicious woman. I can't let her contaminate her hands with your blood." As soon as he finished his words, Edward grabbed Daisy's dagger and before everyone knew it, he sliced Jessica's face open without any hesitation. Now everyone could hear a piercing shriek.

Mary freaked out by the scene and her legs started shaking involuntarily. She really wanted to take to her heels, fearing that she would be Edward's next target. But because her hands were tied behind her back by the two men who looked like bodyguards, she couldn't move at all.

"NO! I don't believe it. You cannot treat me like this!" exclaimed Jessica. Edward gave his response by cutting a second gash on her face. By now, all her complacence was gone. She was shocked. Jessica stared at this ruthless man standing in front of her with astonishment. She was filled with desperation and pain after her pride and confidence was badly snapped by him. But compared to Daisy's suffering, she still faced nothing.

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