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   Chapter 618 The Rescue (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6355

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Daisy was now driven into a tight corner, her desperation was beyond description. But her enemies had also suffered a major setback. She spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva as her grip on the knife got tighter. She felt like a drowned rat with holes in her clothes. Since she was utterly exhausted, she didn't even notice that her clothes was so badly torn. She didn't even have the energy left to cover herself anymore.

"You have proved yourself to be a good colonel by coming this far in times of adversity. I admit that you are really something as a woman. And I would have expressed my admiration and surrendered to you, had you not activized my appetency of conquest today. Sorry, colonel, but now I must have you."

There is safety in numbers. Given his people containing Daisy's actions, Wolf had not been totally defeated. However, Daisy still managed to keep him at arm's length. So he changed his strategy now. He decided to wait, until she spent the last ounce of her strength left in her. He certainly had time on his side.

"I am afraid I won't let you touch me today." Daisy said firmly while biting her lip. She hoped that Justin wasn't looking at the monitor with Jessica and Mary. Otherwise, it would definitely break his heart seeing his mother suffer like that.

"You must be kidding, my dear colonel. I don't think you can keep me away anymore. And just so you know, you look even more coquettish to me whilst you are covered in blood." Wolf was a pervert. There was no two ways about it. How could anyone in sane mind find someone's misery charming?

"Monster…" Daisy gnashed her teeth in disgust. She closed her eyes and tried to stay conscious. Daisy didn't want the pain or the effect of the drug to overpower her. Had she not been in such kind of pain, she wouldn't have waited to break the neck of this sleazy and dirty man, let alone allowed him to cast a covetous gl

a waste. After all, you are my woman now, " Wolf burst into manic laughter. Her naked body had again stimulated his sexual passion. He couldn't wait to tear off her bra, which was her only protection.

It was all doom and gloom for Daisy. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back, and she was buried under a man who was trying to rape her. Much as it pained her, she had to admit at this moment that Jessica's plan was working. And no matter how things would turn out later, that woman did insult her terribly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Just as she was closing her eyes helplessly, a loud piercing scream filled the air. The next thing she saw was that the man who was on top of her was suddenly lifted. She opened her eyes at once and saw Wolf being flung into the air. Raising her head with immense difficulty, she then saw four men in black tights fighting the other gangsters. But they were all wearing iron masks, so Daisy couldn't figure out who they were.

What she saw next was not less than a dream. She saw Edward rushing into the room. Edward was completely numb when he caught sight of Daisy. Her cowering and shivering figure really pierced him like a knife ripping down his soul. He gathered all his courage, and came forward to comfort her, trembling.

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