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   Chapter 617 Stab Herself (Part Two)

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"Ah! What a beautiful face! I really feel bad that Jessica ruined it like this." Wolf didn't mind any insult that came for him from Daisy's mouth. He believed that every beautiful woman had a unique personality. And Daisy was not just any other woman, she was a female colonel. He reached out his hand to gently wipe off the fresh blood stain on her face. After that, he wickedly sucked the blood off his hand.

"You all get out! Just get out of here!" Daisy took a deep breath. She was trying hard to suppress the ongoing fever that was coming out from inside her body. Unfortunately, what came out from her mouth was only a faint and soft sound. Her feeble voice sounded sexy and charming. It sounded as if she was flirting.

"Haha! Colonel Ouyang, I forgot to tell you that I really admire such an aloof beauty like you. It will be exciting to play with you and this thought just makes me want you more and more." Wolf said as he came closer to Daisy. Daisy escaped with a dodge.

"Get out, or I will shoot you in your head." Daisy bit her luscious lip and thrust the rope open, thereby freeing her hands successfully. Simultaneously, she rolled to the other side.

"Huh! A good move. Buddies, let's work together. We must control her." Daisy's moves made Wolf crazy. He scratched her clothes and happened to rip them off. Her white skin above the breasts and the lace bra were now showing up.

"I'll kill you." Overlooking the risk of getting injured, Daisy threw herself onto the ground and swiftly picked up the knife left by Jessica there. She quickly cut off the rope on her feet and pointed the knife at the scoundrels. At the same time, she covered her bare chest with her other hand.

"Colonel Ouyang, don't you feel empty and uncomfortable now? How about letting me fill in your empty and lonely heart?" Wolf gradually approached Daisy. He was certain that the stamina of a massively drugged woman wouldn't last very long.

On the other hand, a huge group of men led by Edward were approaching this place. The closer he was to the place, the faster his heart was beating. He was hoping and praying that both Daisy and Justin were safe and sound.

"Mr. Mu, why is the place so desolate? Is this a trap?" Luke frowned with concern.

"It's okay. We have the people from The Mayfly to back us." This was also one of the reasons why he didn't notify the police when he got the cellphone signal of Justin's phone. He didn't want to divulge Jonathan's s

p, several scoundrels fell down to the ground.

Seeing the situation go out of his hands, Wolf was startled. He pulled out a knife from his waist and joined the fight.

Daisy shook her dazed head, and looked unyieldingly at the group of scoundrels approaching her. She ground her teeth and made up her mind to stab herself again. This time, she stabbed on the shoulder. She had to win this fierce battle. The drug would not only cause illusions, but also erode her senses.

All the people trembled at her firmness. Moreover, they were surprised that such a vulnerable woman could stab herself like that. Even the strongest of the men would think twice when it came to stabbing themselves but Daisy did it without a frown. Surprisingly, she stabbed herself not once but twice. They marveled at her toughness but they had to defeat her. So, now all of them came at her desperately.

As Daisy had sensed, there was definitely a wharf and also an old rail track nearby, probably used for freight. Now, even Edward was close to the location. He was not more than a few minutes' ride away from Daisy. Edward kept praying for Daisy's safety.

"Luke, speed up. We are very near to the destination." Edward's eyes brightened because of excitement. He stared firmly at the flashing spot on the computer screen and didn't dare to shift his eyes away, as if fearing it might disappear.

"Mr. Mu, I have already floored the petal, "

Luke pursed his lips and said. There had been another car in front of them all this while. It was heading to the same direction as Luke and Edward. He wondered whether the people in the car their friends or foes.

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