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   Chapter 616 Stab Herself (Part One)

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"Justin, are you all right? Does it hurt?" Daisy was panicking. She immediately rushed to Justin but was restrained by the two rascals watching her. Her eyes were fuming with anger. She gave Mary a fierce look and said, "I assure you that I'll make you pay for hurting my son."

"Huh! You still think you can escape from here and come after me for revenge later?" Mary looked at Daisy evasively. Though Daisy was held tight by the two men, she still didn't dare to look directly into her fierce and terrifying eyes.

"Mommy, I'm fine." Justin gritted his teeth and got up. He was a soldier's son. So, enduring pain came naturally to him. Justin knew if his hands hadn't been tied up, Mary wouldn't have been able to knock him down so easily.

"Open her mouth and force that water down her throat immediately." Jessica was taken aback for a moment, but she immediately regained her composure and shifted her eyes from Mary to her target Daisy.

As soon as Jessica instructed the men, they got to work. Seeing this, Wolf, who had been watching all this silently from one corner of the room, became ecstatic. He was initially a little hesitant as he knew that Daisy was a Colonel but Daisy's beauty invoked the lustful desire in him. He was so immensely attracted by Daisy's beautiful face and hot figure that he completely overlooked what Hero had warned him about before he left here. His mind was occupied by the lewd thoughts of savoring a female colonel. He had tasted numerous women before, but never a female soldier. Wolf was drooling over Daisy with great anticipation of what was going to soon follow.

"Um.. Um..." Daisy was a strong and intimidating woman. Her spirit to fight back was relentless. But with too many people holding her back and her hands being tightly tied up, Daisy did get a little weak. The men forced open her mouth and poured the water in. Although she firmly clenched her teeth, Jessica won in the end.

"What did you put into my mother's mouth?" Justin was really frightened now. He really wished that his father could appear from somewhere and fight all these bad men, just like the hero in every fairy tale.

"Do you want to know? Sorry we can't tell you. This is not something that a child should know. So, you better shut up." Jessica giggled with a cunning smile.

Daisy closed her eyes. Was this the end of her day? She sure

rd he tried to protect his mother, he was forced to leave the place in the end. Soon, his voice trailed off in distance, leaving only Daisy and several sleazy men in that place. "Colonel Ouyang, don't be afraid. I always believe that woman should be loved and cared for. I will be very gentle with you." Seeing that Mary and Jessica finally left, Wolf itched to flirt with Daisy. He didn't dare to say anything before. It was not because he was scared of Jessica but because he knew she was a very cunning woman. Had he done anything beforehand, she would have used him as a scapegoat in front of Hero. He certainly didn't want to irritate Hero.

"If you don't want to die, I suggest that you let me go. I believe, I don't have to tell you who I am. I am certain that you already know me. You'd better think carefully about the consequences before doing anything to me." Daisy ground her teeth. Damn, the drug was now having an impact on her body. It was so strong that despite the will to fight back she was also experiencing a wave of hot amorous feelings.

"Haha! If I have to die for having sex with a beauty like Colonel Ouyang, I will be more than happy. I will have no regret." Wolf greedily stared at Daisy's breasts. They were waving up and down with her breath. He couldn't help but blow out a loud whistle to appreciate her beauty. Now, his dirty hands unscrupulously reached out to her beautiful face.

"Rascal, don't you dare, touch me with your dirty hands." Daisy turned her head and dodged his touch. She became more nervous as she hadn't untied the rope yet.

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