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   Chapter 615 The cellphone (Part Three)

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He had never expected that woman to set password for the laptop as she had said. Being realistic, she did what she said, which was exactly why Edward loved her so much. But he had no idea of where she was, or whether she was still alive or not.

"You are right about that, but I'll help you with something sooner or later. When everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high, " murmured Rain in a low voice. He didn't dare to make a loud sound, because he had no clue about what Edward was up to.

"If you want to help me, please go and bring Tom here. I need him with me right now." Edward looked away from him, and tapped the keys on the keyboard quickly. In less than a minute, the password was cracked. Justin's laptop was now open for access. He knew Daisy had only set a password to test Justin or else she wouldn't have used such simple and predictable numbers as the password.

"No need to do that. He's already on the way here." Rain touched his nose and thought that if Tom wasn't performing a surgical operation when he called, he would have been here already, and then Edward wouldn't have to ask him to bring him here.

Edward was certain that there would be all kinds of applications on Justin's computer. However, when he saw too many icons on the screen, he felt a bit of anxiety. He felt that Justin had really made up his mind to test his daddy's computer skills.

Edward's confidence in locating Justin and Daisy was reinforced by the fact that Justin had installed so many applications on his computer. One of them might help him. He knew J

e hadn't been tied like that. Jessica liked seeing Daisy helpless like that.

"Bitch, you'll be punished. You have my word. If you let me live, I will torture you, and make you scream painfully, like a pig at the slaughter house, " shouted Justin. Justin knew how painful his mother must have felt from the slap. However, he also knew that his mother was a brave soldier. She could endure all sorts of pains psychologically and physically solely to protect her honor and dignity. She was not only an honorable human being but also a qualified solider.

"Bastard, you can neither save your mom, nor save yourself today. I'll make you a pig first, " said Mary sarcastically. Mary had lost her consciousness and kindness since ages ago. So, she didn't mind being tough and cruel to anyone who she thought was her enemy. She was ready to hurt a little child who was doing nothing but protecting his mother. Mary came over to Justin and knocked him down. Everyone in the room could see Justin's head hitting the floor with a sickening thud.

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