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   Chapter 614 The cellphone (Part Two)

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"Mary, you can't do that. You can take revenge on me. But please do think about Brian once? He will be really disappointed." Daisy tried to invoke some goodness in Mary by persuading her to do something good for the sake of Brian, after all she was his sister. She hoped that by doing this, Mary might find a twinge of conscience and correct her wrongdoings before it was too late for her.

"Brian? Haha He has never treated me as his sister. All he cares about is you. Why would I even care about how he feels? Daisy, you're so naive. Are you scared already? Why didn't you see it coming when you argued with me?" Her face was distorted hideously with anger and jealousy when Daisy mentioned Brian.

"If you want to punish me or kill me, I won't fight back. But if you plan on hurting my son, I beg you not to do that. Isn't this what you want all this while? Me begging you like this?"

Daisy closed her eyes. She could smell the blood on her face. She had no time to think of the blood or her facial wound at the moment. She was rather focused on finding a way to get Justin out of here unhurt. She knew that if anything happened to Justin today, she would never be able to forgive herself for putting her son in such extreme danger.

"Daisy? Are you begging me now? Should I give you a chance to be good and make me feel satisfied?" Mary giggled. She had known it her whole life that no matter how hard Daisy had tried and irrespective of all that she had accomplished, a housemaid would never be able to outdo her master,. When it came to the very end, the housemaid had to lower her head and beg for mercy from her master.

"Mom, don't beg. If we're to die today, we'll die together and b

news about Daisy and Justin?"

Duke had been more and more worried since he received a strange phone call from Edward. He thought that instead of letting his imagination run wild, he would rather come here and find out what had happened.

"No, I haven't, " answered Edward. Edward found Justin's laptop. He turned it on immediately. It was getting hard for Edward to control his anxiety. He was continually praying for his wife and son's safety. Meanwhile, he was wondering what he could do, if the laptop too didn't lead him to anything concrete.

"Edward, you left the office in a hurry this morning to find your wife and son? Why didn't you tell me about it?" Rain complained. He hadn't been told about Daisy's disappearance until Duke called and explained to him briefly.

"Even if I did tell you, could you be of any help to me? You're not a policeman or Sherlock, " answered Edward nonchalantly. When Edward was required to enter the password before he could review Justin's laptop, his mouth twitched slightly and he smiled wryly. He knew Daisy did this. It seemed that she wasn't just doing small talk with Justin.

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