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   Chapter 613 The cellphone (Part One)

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In all fancy love novels, the macho hero would eventually come to save the love of his life but Daisy didn't count on Edward to appear out of the blue and rescue her from here. She was a smart and realistic woman. She didn't believe in such coincidences. Daisy knew that she was her biggest savior every time she was in danger. But, today she didn't feel the danger approaching her yet.

"Daisy, don't you feel good being tied up like this?" Immediately, she saw some people walk in the room, followed by Jessica.

"You can have a try if you want to know how I feel. Be my guest, don't be shy." Daisy sighed secretly. She had no idea what was on Jessica's mind.

"No, I'm not interested in being stupid. I don't wish to dig my own grave. Now, I need something more exciting." Jessica reached out her hand, shaking her finger at Daisy and sneering.

"Sorry. I'm not a fan of your insane tricks. You may have to find another person to play with instead." The prospect sent a chill down Daisy's heart. She was a bit scared now.

"No, you're wrong. You can be a good player in my games. You have a pretty face. It would be a shame if we didn't do anything to it." Jessica rubbed Daisy's cheeks with her long fingernails.

"Bitch, don't touch my mom." Justin looked at Jessica, frightened. He was scared that this crazy bitch might hurt his mom by accident or on purpose. Although he knew Edward would still love his mom no matter how she looked like but he still was worried for Daisy.

"Bastard, shut up, or I'll cut your tongue off." Unexpectedly, Jessica turned around and slapped Justin on the face. Her act numbed his face. He was shocked at Jessica's retortion. Justin now became extremely angry. He knew he would strike back at the first opp

cked her down with his body.

"Ouch! Go catch this bastard. Why hasn't he been tied already? How could he free himself and assault me like that?" Jessica stepped back. She was supported by somebody standing right behind her. Then, she regained her balance. Looking at Justin, she got so angry that she wanted to kill Justin without hesitation. She had no mercy left for this kid.

"Jessica, don't you dare hurt my boy. If you do that, I promise I will hunt you down. You know the consequences. I'm not joking." Daisy had no time to feel sad for her facial wound or the blood dripping down her cheek. Justin's safety was her only priority right now. She looked at Jessica in the eye, thinking that she had to act before it was too late.

"Leave this little man to me. I'll make him accountable for all the damages he has done to me." Mary's hatred for Justin was only adding up bit by bit. From the day she joined in the FX International Group, Justin had been challenging her. He always cracked a joke on her. She was forced to swallow her anger and hatred for Justin all the time. Now, it was time to seek revenge, punish him and make him suffer for his deeds.

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