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   Chapter 612 Jessica Had a New Plan (Part Two)

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"Mr. Mu, let her go! She can't answer you like this." Luke rescued Yakira from Edward's grip. Edward was boiling with rage. He wouldn't mind killing this woman right now.

"Cough… Cough…" Yakira stepped back with fear. What lousy luck! Everybody was seizing her by the neck to kill her these days, she wondered.

"What happened? Have you found Daisy? What are you doing here?" Brian rushed down from his room. He wanted to go out, but his mother instructed him to stay at home so he was still here all this while.

"Brian, drive them out! Their fierce looks scare me." Brian's appearance made Yakira feel protected. She walked up to him hurriedly.

"Your timing is just right. Where is Mary?" Edward spluttered. He kept calling Mary while he was on his way to Yakira's home, but the automated voice on her phone told him that her phone was switched off. She was smart. In order to prevent the signal from being tracked, she turned off her phone.

"I don't know. I haven't seen her since morning. Did she do anything unforgivable again?" Brian frowned. Something serious must have happened, or Edward wouldn't be so angry.

"She called Daisy before Daisy went missing. Do you know why she called her up?" Edward looked at Yakira with a scowl. In his opinion, all of this was done to get Yakira out and take revenge from Daisy.

"What? Daisy is missing?" Brian originally thought that Daisy left home as she was mad at Edward, but now it sounded completely different. He turned to ask Yakira, "Mom, what the hell is going on? What do you know?"

"I know nothing. I just came back from the jail about an hour ago. How can I know what happened while I wasn't here? Don't point the finger at me. I know nothing. There are dozens of people who hate Daisy. Maybe one of her enemies have kidnapped her to take revenge. My daughter is innocent!"

Yakira gloated over Daisy's disappearance. She didn't care why she was missing or where she was. Anyway, it was a good thing for her.

"Are you sure of that? Yakira, if I find out that Mary is behind all this,

details of the plan in a low voice.

Justin had been looking for an opportunity to call for help. Unfortunately, after Hero left, he and his mother were tied up again. What was worse, there were two men watching over them now. So, it was almost impossible for him to do anything. He couldn't turn on his phone or even reach out for his backpack.

Edward and Justin were very alike in character. Justin didn't resign himself to death. He took out the blade hidden in his watch and tried to cut off the rope around his hands quietly. Soon he cut off the rope, but his hands also got hurt in this. To avoid catching the attention of the two men watching over him, he still hid his hands behind his back. He couldn't act rashly till he had total confidence of success.

What Justin was doing made Daisy's heart ache. She knew that this little boy liked playing with some gadgets, but she didn't expect that he would hide such a sharp weapon in his watch. His watch must be unique, or how else could he hide a blade in it without hurting his hand?

Daisy tried to gather her strength, and she was surprised to find that she had regained most of it by now. It seemed that the effects of the drug were now beginning to wear off. She was overjoyed in her heart, but she still remained cold. They were still in danger, so she couldn't get excited unless they were both safe.

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