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   Chapter 611 Jessica Had a New Plan (Part One)

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"Mr. Mu, are you alright?" Luke helped Edward keep his calm. The messy cafe suggested that there was a fierce fight here. Unfortunately, they still didn't know if Daisy and Justin were fine or not. Luke could see how sad and anxious Edward was.

"I'm fine. Have you got any news? What is Paul doing?" Edward closed his eyes, trying to get rid of the darkness surrounding him. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't overcome the fear gripping him.

"Not yet. Paul went straight to the casino after meeting Brian last night. Maybe he is living a fond dream of getting rich overnight there." This is what all gamblers think. They are obsessed with some wild ideas that they may get rich overnight. However, they hardly realize that despite the hopes that gambling brings to them, it'll not take long for it to give them a fatal blow and make them penniless one day. In many cases, gambling is also known to bring death and destruction to people.

"What? He met Brian last night? So Brian has known the whole truth?" Edward heaved a sigh. Daisy tried hard to protect Brian by keeping the truth a secret from him. Sadly, he found it all out.

"Yes. He went to the bar last night and got massively drunk. Our bodyguard had to send him back at last." The bodyguards who were sent to keep an eye on the movements of Paul told Luke about the meeting between Paul and Brian. Luke was afraid that Brian might do something extreme after knowing the truth, so he asked one of the bodyguards to follow him.

"Well done. Thanks." Brian was the only person in the Ouyang family that Daisy genuinely cared about. Edward disliked Brian. Sometimes Brian got him so annoyed that he would want to beat him to a pulp, but he never did that solely for Daisy's sake. Instead, he hoped for Brian's safety. If anything untoward happened to Brian, Daisy would be devastated. Edward could bear anything but Daisy's tears.

"Mr. Mu, I think Colonel Ouyang must have left under duress. According to all the signs of the fight here, Colonel Ouyang was definitely outnumbered. This may be one of the reasons why she could be controlled despite being so powerful. As for whether or not she was drugged, we n

y. He was suddenly enlightened after they reached the destination.

"Yes. The last call Daisy made was to Mr. Yi. But before that, Mary called her. Mary must have been behind all this."

"Mr. Mu, what brings you here?" The steward was quite surprised to see Edward standing in the doorway. He didn't know why Edward came back again. He knew there might be some trouble following soon. He wondered if Edward would stir up another trouble today. The steward regretted answering the door hurriedly without checking via the camera who was knocking. He was scared that Yakira might scold him for this. As a result, he broke out in cold sweat with fear as soon as he saw Edward.

"I want to meet Mary." Edward went straight in with a wild look. He thought there must be a hidden story behind Yakira's release.

"Yo ho! Mr. Mu, you finally are thinking about my daughter Mary? You came here for her?" Yakira came out upon hearing the noise and taunted Edward at the sight of him.

"Tell me. Where is Mary?" With a malicious look, Edward went straight up to Yakira and grabbed her by the neck. Yakira didn't expect that. The arrogant look on her face vanished and she instantly turned pale.

"I… I… I have no idea." Yakira looked at the angry man in front of her with eyes wide open.

"You have no idea why you were released so quickly?" Edward further tightened his grasp on her neck. He was so furious that he might just wring her neck the next minute.

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