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   Chapter 610 The City Was On High Alert (Part Two)

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Daisy said with a frown. She had never shied away from her acts, be it good or bad. She wasn't afraid of admitting her mistakes. It was her nature.

"Nothing wrong? Your mistake is that you shouldn't have appeared in Ed's life with this kid. You ruined my relationship with Ed. He loved me so much until you showed up. You stole him from me! You're the other woman!"

Jessica got very excited. She raised her hand and slapped Daisy. But Daisy dodged it quickly, although she was still weak.

"Jessica, are you done yet? Quit pestering. I have to go and deal with some business later. Listen up. You can't hurt them. Or I'll be very mad." Hero was now curious to know more about Edward. Why was Jessica so obsessed with him? How did he make an aloof woman like Daisy fall in love with him?

"I'm not pestering. You can't be biased in her favor. She has been bullying me all the time. She stole my boyfriend and destroyed Lin Group. Everything bad that happened to me was because of her. And now even you're choosing her over me. Is she that perfect? How come everyone is bewitched by her?"

Hero's words triggered Jessica's pent-up rage. He was here to help her deal with Daisy. But he seemed to have forgotten it. Rather, he had become Daisy's ally. Jessica couldn't take such an embarrassing outcome.

"I've agreed to take her out of the city, even out of the country. What are you still angry about?" Hero wasn't a tolerant man. He had tolerated Daisy's rudeness solely because he was obsessed with her. She was an exception. Not anyone could do the same thing to him.

"I... I'm angry because you are protecting her." Jessica pursed her lips and lowered her voice. She knew well how cold-blooded her otherwise gentle-looking cousin actually was.

When Edward arrived at the Tea Fragrance

-level official like Kevin. Seeing how much their chief respected Kevin, the policemen assumed he must be very important.

Picking a lock was easy for the police. Within several minutes, the door was open. To preserve the scene, they all went in carefully. There were traces of fights. Broken tables and chairs were lying around. Everyone was convinced that this place did have something to do with Daisy and Justin's disappearance.

"Find out every little thing about this place's owner, including name, background, and social connections, " Kevin quickly seized the key to the issue and said to Mr. Yi grimly. Then he called the army base to gather more man power to locate Daisy and Justin.

Edward just got off the phone. He was the last to walk in the scene. At the sight of the mess inside, his face went deathly pale. He staggered in distress. His phone almost slipped from his hand.

Daisy and Justin's disappearance brought the entire city to be on high alert. Men in black, policemen, soldiers and military officers who were usually scarcely seen, were all mobilized to look for Daisy and Justin. Everyone in the city knew that something was amiss, but not many knew what was wrong.

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