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   Chapter 609 The City Was On High Alert (Part One)

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Daisy smiled gently and said nothing more. Under the given circumstance, they had to be very careful. Any error on their part could cost their only chance to get out of here. They couldn't afford that kind of mistake.

"You look leisured." Jessica came, followed by Hero and others. She stood at the door with a smile and her arms crossed over her chest.

"Didn't you bring us here to enjoy a leisure time? You have done all this because you have too much time, " Daisy sneered. Jealous women were vicious. Jessica had done all kinds of crazy things out of jealousy. Daisy wondered whether she thought about the baby when she was doing all those things. Didn't she worry that her radical actions might harm the baby?

"Say whatever you like now. You'll cry later." Jessica smiled in disapproval. She just had to wait a little bit longer. Once Hero was gone, she could do whatever she wanted to do to get back at this arrogant, rude woman.

"I'm afraid I will have to let you down. Soldiers sweat and bleed, but they don't cry, especially in front of scumbags like you." Daisy stretched her limbs to find that she still hadn't regained her strength. She was worried, wondering what drug they had made her drink and why its effect hadn't gone away yet.

"Colonel Ouyang is not only good at martial arts but also very eloquent. That's quite a mouth you have. I'm impressed." Hero clapped his hands. He felt more and more attracted to Daisy.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I shouldn't have attracted the attention of an animal like you." Daisy was disgusted by the admiring look on Hero's face. She was trying to provoke him.

"Huh! You want to irritate me? I'm not that petty-minded. On the contrary, I love the way you are when you get angry. I thought you were always aloof. Now, I see you have other sides too. I'm even more interested in you."

Hero expressed his adoration for Daisy in front of the others. It se

hat kind of mother are you? Do you even love Edward?" Daisy hated it when people used their children as chips in negotiation. She despised what Jessica was doing.

"Daisy, can you swear that you have never used your son to get to Ed? Come on! In this respect, you're more despicable than me." Jessica looked at Daisy in contempt. She didn't believe that Daisy never used Justin to get Edward's attention.

Daisy's lips trembled. But words were frozen on them. She wasn't sure if Edward had taken interest in her because of Justin. He hadn't even recognized her when she took Justin to his office that day. It seemed Justin was indeed the key to their reunion. Words dried up. She didn't know how to retort to Jessica's remarks.

Seeing Daisy's silence, Jessica went unbridled. She then said with a sense of victory in her voice, "Running out of words? You always think highly of yourself, don't you? But you're actually just a phony."

"Jessica, my silence doesn't mean I am accepting every bullshit you are putting my way. There was nothing wrong for me to take my son to his father. I only wanted him to meet him. We were and are still married. If I have ever used Justin, it might have happened only accidentally. I wouldn't ever go around betting on my unborn child, "

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