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   Chapter 608 Mrs. Mu’s car (Part Two)

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Now Edward was pretty sure that his inability to contact Daisy had nothing to do with her being in a no signal zone. He sensed that Daisy was in trouble. He wondered whether it was only for releasing Yakira or there was some other reason behind it. He wanted to solve the mystery as soon as possible.

"Of course, even if you didn't mention, we would try our best to assist you. Mrs. Mu is a Colonel. If something happens to her, I really don't know how I will face the military." Mr. Yi didn't dare to take things lightly. Edward and Daisy were important people with high social status. He could not trifle with them.

"Okay, thanks, Mr, Yi. One more important thing, our son is with her, please take this into account and be more careful when you are handling the case." It would be helpful if more people were looking for them. Unlike most people, who had second thoughts about contacting the police in such a situation, Edward knew he needed help and the police was a good choice? In most cases, if people didn't call the police on time, they would unwittingly miss the best time to rescue. Edward didn't want to make such a mistake.

"You're welcome, Mr. Mu, I will arrange people to search and will inform you immediately if we get anything." According to the regular legal procedure, they would not handle such a case if the person was missing for less than 48 hours. But this was an important case. He didn't want to make any mistake in handling Daisy's case, so he arranged the search immediately.

"Is there any news about Daisy?" Cynthia asked anxiously as soon as she saw Edward hang up. She was extremely worried about Daisy just like Edward.

"No, I only know that she called Mr. Yi an hour ago, asking him to release a suspect. It's possible that she was forced to do so." At this time, Edward was certain that Daisy was in danger. He started to panic, but he didn't completely lose his head. He knew it wouldn't do any good to him if he wanted to get his wife and son back.

"What? You mean she is in a very dangerous situation right now? What about Justin? What should we do? Jonathan, have you asked the Mayfly to search for Daisy?" Cynthia turned around and asked Jonathan who just hung up the phone. She had no idea that the cellphone he was holding in his hand was only u

alms about untying the rope on your wrists."

The only thing Justin felt lucky for was that they didn't take away his backpack. Moreover, they didn't tie him up on the way here. So as soon as he went out of the coffee house, he secretly turned his phone off. He didn't want the bandits to take his phone away if it rang on the way. The cellphone was the only medium to save themselves.

"Yes, we must be careful in every step, " Daisy lowered her voice and said. Because only she knew what useful things were inside Justin's backpack that would help them to get out of here as soon as they got a chance.

"Mommy, do you think there are any monitors installed here? Something like a detectaphone or a micro camera?" Justin knew what Daisy was concerned about. So before he was certain that there was no surveillance on them, he would not have any move.

"What do you think?" Daisy raised her eyebrows and hinted at the table beside them. If she was right, they had installed the monitor under the table. Otherwise, why would they place a table in this desolate place?

"Okay, got it. I will try my best to escape the detection." Justin showed an understanding smile. He knew that it wouldn't be that simple. The bandits certainly knew his mother was good at fighting. It was impossible for them to leave Daisy untied with zero precautions. It turned out the bandits were watching them via the monitor. This saved them a lot of energy. But they seemed to forget a popular saying "precautions cannot ward off sudden attacks".

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