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   Chapter 607 Mrs. Mu’s car (Part One)

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"When did this happen? Have you searched all the places?" Kevin asked, standing bolt upright. It was obvious that he was very worried.

"It has only been half an hour since I lost contact with her. However, before that I was in a meeting. So I wish to know when she left home. I will find it out after I go back home, " Edward said as he started the engine and drove away quickly.

"Don't worry, probably she is in a no signal zone. You continue trying to contact her. If there is still no information about her, call me, I will arrange some people to search for her."

Hearing that Edward lost contact with her only about half an hour ago, Kevin felt a little relieved. He knew while Daisy was on a mission, it was impossible for people to reach her sometimes even for one or two days. Kevin thought it must be a routine thing. He was used to such situations. Probably Edward was overreacting. Daisy was not an ordinary woman, she was a colonel, it was not easy for others to hurt her.

"Okay, I hope it's really like what you have said. Bye!" Edward didn't feel relieved after talking to Kevin. It was impossible for him to calm down till he saw Daisy and Justin safe and sound with his own eyes.

Today, the sun was shining bright in the S City, but for Edward, it was darkness all around. Things became worse for him, when he heard the bodyguard say that Daisy and Justin left the house at around 10 am this morning. He had never been more scared.

"What happened? Daisy and Justin are still out of reach?" As soon as Cynthia and Jonathan received Luke's call, they weren't in the mood to play any more. They hurriedly rushed back home. When they reached home, they saw Edward's pale face.

"Yes, no news so far. However, I will try to find her at all the possible places. Probably I am a little too worried. And maybe she is just enjoying her lunch somewhere." Edward tried to stay positive in front of his parents. He was reluctant to think that anything bad could happen to Daisy.

"Do you have any clues to look for her? If no, you'd better stay here and think carefully about all the possibilities." Jonathan frowned and took out his cellphone. He walked to the window to make a call.

"Yes, Edward, don't worry too much. You should calmly analyze the situation before you go out and look for her. It will only be a waste of time if you head out looking for her without any clues." Standing beside Edward, Cynth

ple. Colonel Ouyang called him about an hour ago, he didn't expect that Mr. Mu would also call him today. He wondered what made him so important to them all of a sudden?

"Mr. Yi, sorry to disturb you. I only want to ask you if my wife came to your office today." Edward was his most humble self with people. So he had always been very polite in the manner of dealing with people. He never behaved pretentiously.

"No, but she called me an hour ago to release Mrs. Ouyang. Is there anything wrong?" Mr. Yi was confused. He didn't know why Edward would ask about Daisy.

"What? When did she call you? At what time?" Edward didn't feel relieved. On the contrary, he felt that the situation was more serious than he thought. On a regular basis, she would not take the initiative to ask him to release Yakira. He knew she would rather keep Yakira there for a longer time. How could it be possible for her to ask Mr. Yi to release Yakira in advance? This would be possible only when she was being threatened by someone. But who would threaten her?

"At about half past eleven. I was about to get off work early to handle some private affair. I cancelled that because she called then. Mr. Mu, is Colonel Ouyang all right?" Mr. Yi asked cautiously. He knew something was amiss. He suddenly became very nervous. As the Police Chief of the S City, if something bad happened to Colonel Ouyang, he couldn't get out of it.

"Yes! She is suddenly out of reach. I don't know if it is related to her sudden request of releasing Yakira. No matter what, I hope the police can help me to locate her position as soon as possible."

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