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   Chapter 606 Don't Hurt My Son (Part Two)

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Edward took his car key and headed out. He wasn't the type of person to sit around and wait. He knew he would only feel reassured after he went out and figured it all by himself.

"Edward, where are you rushing? There's an important document that needs to be concluded!" Rain shouted at Edward's back with a surprised look. He looked at the files in his hands and shook his head since he couldn't stop Edward. He felt pathetic on having to do the extra work over the weekend. What's worse? He was now being ignored by his boss directly.

Never mind, he thought. At least, he'd already known that Annie was safe and she just didn't want to go home for the time being. It was enough for him to know this. They would meet again if they were destined to be together. No! He must rather create his own destiny even if they couldn't meet. Because Annie had been a thorn in his heart, something he couldn't just pull out and throw away.

"Luke, call my dad and ask him if Daisy is with him. I tried to call her and Justin, but couldn't get through." Edward met Luke and asked him to do it for him as he incessantly called Daisy.

"Okay. I'll call him right away, " Luke said. On seeing Edward this anxious, he got really nervous but he had no idea about what had happened.

Edward took a deep breath. He wanted to smash his phone in anger but he thought it over and dialed Mark's number.

"Hello, Mr. Mu. Is there anything I can help you with?" It was time for lunch at the army base. Mark pushed his lunch box a little further and asked slightly.

"Mark, is Daisy at the army base?" This was the only place he thought she might go to regardless of her injury. Apart from this, he couldn't come up with a reason of Daisy going out in her condition.

"No, she's not here! What? Isn't she at home?" Mark felt confused on hearing Edward's words. He came back to the army base for the rehearsals. Daisy didn't come with him because of her injury, and Edward already knew about it. 'Why would Mr. Mu think that the Colonel is here?' Mark thought to himself.

"Um! She's not home and her phone is turned off. I thought she might go bac

hat any bad thing would happen to him again. After all, God wouldn't be unfair all the time.

"Well. Be careful. I'll keep you updated." Luke was still worried about Edward. He treated Edward like a baby and warned him about everything.

"Um! Go! I'll take care of myself." Edward dialed another number in the meantime. He worked out all possibilities to find Daisy. She never but once did something like this in the past. This was when she saw Jessica kissing him.

"Hello, this is Kevin." Kevin felt very puzzled on receiving this call. "Why is he calling me all of a sudden?" Kevin thought. He was so confused that he stopped what he was doing and listened to Edward carefully.

"I know it's you. I am just calling to ask if there is some special mission going on in your army base today. Or do you have anything important happening which needs Daisy to be around?" Edward asked cautiously, hoping Daisy was safe and at the base. He was in an entangled state of mind.

"No! At least, I haven't got any notification like that. Why do you ask me suddenly? Is there anything bad going on with Daisy?" Kevin said and frowned. He could feel something was wrong. Otherwise, Edward would never take the initiative to call him.

"I'm not sure. I can't reach her phone, so I'm a little worried, " Edward said. He didn't plan to lie to Kevin. If something happened to Daisy, it wouldn't hurt him to get help from him.

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