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   Chapter 605 Don't Hurt My Son (Part One)

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"Hehe! Daisy, you ought to take your words back. It's a good thing to be confident, but you should know when to draw a line, " Jessica said this with a forced smile, so as to conceal her anger. But when she saw it had no impact on Daisy, she just ground her teeth awkwardly.

"It's just like a coin with two sides. Comedy and tragedy are both happening all at once. The most important thing is how you see things. For me, I will be fine as long as I can find a perfect balance between the two, "

Daisy said. She wasn't impetuous or perturbed. The harder the things were to deal with, the more she wanted to stay alert. Only in this manner could she find a way to rescue herself. After all, she was at an absolute disadvantage. She couldn't see anything happening in her favor. Fortunately, they didn't plan to kill her. This did give her a hope to escape from the danger.

"Actions speak louder than words. Honestly, if we didn't have Edward between us, you would be the type of person I would genuinely admire. It is sad, that we are standing on opposite sides. Now, we can be nothing but enemies to each other."

Jessica said with smiling eyes and a joyful look on her face. Nobody could guess what she was thinking. However, irrespective of what she was upto, Daisy would always think of it as something against her.

"Indeed, but you can never be the person I would admire even if we didn't have Edward between us. So we're destined to be enemies, " Daisy said, pinching her lips coldly. She squinted at her with a faint sarcasm floating in her eyes. She couldn't stand a self-righteous woman like Jessica.

"Daisy, you……" Jessica didn't expect Daisy to have changed so much. She was not the same Daisy she knew from the past. Daisy today was extremely harsh both in her tone and attitude. In fair comparison, Daisy was just as bad as Jessica, if not worse than her. Daisy's hostility made her speechless for a while.

"Come on. Cousin, don't be mad at her. We can't stay here for long. It's better if we find a safe place!" Hero said and frowned. She didn't maintain any contact with him in the past solely because she didn't approve of his criminal ways. However, one day, she

aff who passed by saying hello to him. He decided to call up his home phone as he was upset that he couldn't hear their voices. He didn't know why, but he had got this strange feeling bothering him since morning. This was why, he couldn't wait to call Daisy as soon as the meeting was over.

"Hello, Mr. Mu, can I help you?" Mrs. Wu asked on the phone. She trotted out of the kitchen immediately when she heard the phone ringing. She paused for a second after she saw the number displaying on the telephone because Edward rarely called to the home phone.

"Yes! Mrs. Wu, is Daisy at home?" Edward asked and listened carefully, with his stiff body resting on the chair. His lips moved at the sight of the huge pile of files in front of him. He could sense that there was a lot of work pending to be done no matter how much he tried to escape from work.

"No, she isn't! Even your parents are out now. Are you not able to connect with Mrs. Mu?" Mrs. Wu asked and rubbed her hands against the apron. She hadn't seen anyone at home ever since she came back home from the vegetable market with Sunny. She thought all of them went out together. It seemed as if they were all together.

"Got it. I'll call someone else!" Edward said, frowning more tightly. They're not at home, then where did they all go? Edward thought to himself. Daisy's feet were still recovering, so she shouldn't have gone anywhere! Did anything important come up that she had to go out?

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