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   Chapter 604 I Will Love You Dearly (Part Two)

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"Well, we'll see soon enough." Hero was quite different from other gang leaders. Even though he was being threatened by a child, he still seemed calm. It was as if he wasn't fighting against Justin, but playing with him. Hero was having fun with the boy, and wasn't angered in any way by his young opponent.

By this time, Daisy was soaked in sweat. The effect of the drug and the pain of her injury slowed down her movements. Feeling like her legs were weighed down by heavy sandbags, she no longer had the strength to jump up. She knew that her wounds were bleeding, and the sprain in her ankle had worsened.

"Mom, what's wrong? Do your feet hurt?" Justin found an opportunity to run towards Daisy and stood back to back with her. He knew that his mom was skilled enough to defeat the thugs by now. She must be suffering from the pain in her feet, and that must be the reason she was slowing down. After all, speed is a vital factor in a fight. Once a person slows down, defeat would become more possible for him.

"Jessica and Mary drugged me. I'm getting weaker. I don't have the strength to keep fighting. You must run away when you get the chance, okay? Otherwise, we'll both be captured." Daisy whispered to her son as she wiped the sweat off her face.

"Got it, mom." Justin replied, squatting down to dodge a thug's fist. He realized that Hero was easier to deal with. He was merciful during the fight, while his thugs ruthlessly hit him despite the fact that they were fighting against a boy.

Daisy knocked down a thug with a swift chop. The man was clearly not one of Hero's thugs; he belonged to Wolf. Wolf's companions weren't skilled fighters, so it wasn't difficult for her to knock them out. But Hero's men were much harder to deal with.

"Great job, Colonel Ouyang! It seems that I made a mistake. I shouldn't have let my guard down against you. I didn't expect you to be still so tough af

ning chip. Miss Lin, are you satisfied with my answer?" Daisy was a proud woman. She would never show any weakness in front of her enemies. No matter what difficult situation she was in, she would always keep her head held high.

"Really? What if you are raped? Do you still think that he will love you? Don't forget, he is a germophobe. He won't even let a woman kiss his lips. Do you think he will accept a woman who has been tainted by other men?"

Jessica couldn't bear Daisy's arrogance. She firmly believed that Edward only loved her because of Justin. She didn't understand how Daisy could be so confident in Edward's love for her. She was also carrying a child of her own.

"If it happened to you, I guarantee that he wouldn't want you anymore. But I am the woman he loves dearly, he won't accept any woman besides me. Even I'm raped, he won't abandon me. He will definitely avenge me."

Daisy remained calm as she spoke. But deep in her heart, she was scared. As Jessica had said, Edward was an exceptional person and a germophobe. If his wife was raped, what would he do? Would he abandon her? Daisy wasn't so certain about the answer. But she had to pretend that she had faith in her husband's love. She didn't want to show any weakness in front of Jessica.

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