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   Chapter 603 I Will Love You Dearly (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7075

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"It seems that you've been fooling us all this time. Did you set up this trap to take me as a hostage and use me as leverage to get Hawk back?" Daisy kept her usual cold countenance and looked fearlessly at Hero. When she saw Mary drink the coffee, she also took a sip. But she underestimated them. She didn't expect Mary and Jessica to lay a trap for her.

"It's my great honor to set up a trap for you successfully. After all, you are smart and beautiful. I have always dreamed of capturing you, but never got the chance. You've always been a cautious person, so I had to seek help from others. Luckily, these two ladies have a profound hatred for you and came to me to collaborate with me. I came here for you. Hawk is no longer important. He is useless to me now. Rest assured that I won't use you to rescue him."

Hero leered at Daisy's pretty face. It would have been extremely hard for him to capture her without the help of these two women. After all, Daisy was a tough woman and a skilled fighter. Hero was fascinated with her strength and beauty.

"Hero, what are you doing? You promised me that you would get rid of her for me!" Jessica started to get nervous when she heard Hero's words. She thought he was going to help her. Why was he praising Daisy and looking at her in admiration?

"I promised you that you would never see her again, but I never said that I would get rid of her. She is such a delicate beauty. How could I hurt her? I will take good care of her, treat her gently." Hero looked like a gentle person. Someone who had no idea of his true identity would never think that he was an arms dealer.

"You're a bad person. You can't take care of my mom. She only needs me and my dad." Justin glared intensely at Hero. If Hero wasn't their enemy, Justin would admit that he was a man of impressive cleverness. But anyone who tried to destroy his family was a bad guy to him.

"Don't worry, little boy. I love her even more than your dad does. If you want to be with her, I'm okay with that. I will treat you as my son." Hero came up to Justin and reached out his hand in an attempt to pi

e thugs became more passive against Daisy. The fight started to become more favorable for her. She elbowed a thug, sending him lurching backwards with a howl. Moving to the left, she dodged another opponent's punches. She thrusted her leg towards the thug's face despite the pain in her foot, knocking him to the ground. Judging from the sweat on her forehead, she was suffering a great deal from the pain.

Justin clenched his teeth, face covered with sweat. Instead of giving up, he shifted his stance and kicked Hero from various angles to catch him off guard. He hadn't lost yet; his small size gave him more speed and flexibility.

"It seems I underestimated you, kid. I didn't expect you to be so skilled. Colonel Ouyang must have trained you well." As a child, Justin had limited strength. His blows didn't seriously injure Hero, but they still hurt. As a result, Hero focused his attention on his fight with Justin. He could no longer take this lightly. Hero felt lucky that Justin was only a child, or he might be no match for him.

"I shouldn't have underestimated you either. I thought you were just a weak wimp. I didn't expect you to be such a skilled fighter. But no matter how strong you are, you'll be dead if you dare to hurt my mom." Justin didn't stop fighting as he spoke, dodging Hero's attacks and hitting him from time to time. He didn't even give Hero a chance to get close to him.

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