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   Chapter 602 A Trap

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"I know that! I just enjoy seeing him laugh at you, that's all." Mary was the kind of woman who could make fun of herself. To hurt the people she disliked, she would go as far as get herself involved.

"Shit, " Jessica realized that she made a mistake by collaborating with such a crazy woman. As the saying goes, man proposes and God disposes. Her plan was only as good as her weaknesses. Having a stupid ally could get you killed, and Mary was such a fool.

"Jessica, enough! Quit insulting me." Mary wasn't always that stupid. Soon, she would be prepared to strike back.

"Did you bring them? If you did, give them to me or I'm leaving. I'm quite busy at the moment. You can continue your conversation without me." Daisy frowned. She was in no mood to hang around and argue with them. As soon as she got up this morning, she hurriedly left the house and hit the road. She didn't even have time to eat breakfast, she just bought coffee on the way. She was hungry now. She just wanted to have breakfast with Justin.

"No need to rush, Daisy. We need to talk." Jessica gave Daisy a challenging look and a wry smile.

"We have nothing to talk about. You're talking to the wrong person." Daisy smiled darkly and shot a cold glance regardless of Jessica's gaze.

"No, you're the one I want to talk to. For the sake of my unborn baby, can't you just give up Edward and bless our happiness?" Jessica was way too confident and a bit foolish. She firmly held onto the belief that Edward still loved her and that his indifference towards her was because of Daisy's interference.

"Why would I make such a compromise?" Daisy sneered. She hadn't come after Jessica to settle a score for her tip-off to the military superiors. But now, Jessica had the audacity to ask Daisy to make such a sacrifice.

"Aren't you a solider? The people's welfare should be your priority." Jessica smiled in satisfaction. She wanted to test Daisy's limits as a solider. She wanted to know if Daisy was noble and selfless enough to compromise on her own marriage.

"Bullshit. I know my duties as a soldier. To protect the citizens's safety and welfare, I would give up my life. To protect the country from invasion, I would fight to death. For the sake of my comrades, I would take bullets for them and die for them. These are the duties of a soldier. But a soldier would never make a compromise to fulfill a person's selfish desires. I would never let myself be provoked to violate my military discipline. I would never hurt innocent people for unreasonable demands."

Daisy recited her duties with confidence. Should a soldier give up his family to meet other people's selfish and unreasonable demands? The answer was negative. She knew deep down in her heart that she would never do that. If she did make that sacrifice, would Jessica eventually get what she desired?

"Mom, that's amazing! I'm proud of you." Justin gave his mother a thumbs-

here? You're wasting your time and energy on ruining me, "

Daisy bit her lip in apprehension. If she hadn't been drugged, she might be able to fight her way out. But now, that opportunity had disappeared. To make matters worse, her feet were injured and Justin was trapped with her. Although her son knew some Chinese martial arts, these hideous men wouldn't treat Justin as gently as the soldiers who liked him and would never harm him. He might get hurt. 'What should I do?' Daisy thought anxiously.

"Wasting? I don't think so. You are worth all the trouble, Colonel Ouyang." Suddenly, a man walked inside. Daisy turned pale in an instant. It was Hero, Hawk's brother. He wasn't present during the gun fight last time. Daisy thought he had fled. Apparently, she was wrong. Unexpectedly, he dared to make an appearance in S City again. How did he end up getting involved with Jessica? What a mess!

"Hero, are you following your brother's footsteps? I'm warning you. You still have a way out. Surrender yourself to the police and you'll only need to serve a sentence of several years before you can be free. Don't be stupid and get yourself killed." Daisy clenched her fist tightly. Even though she had dug her fingernails into her palm, she didn't feel any pain. She did her best to maintain her composure.

Hero laughed incredulously. "Colonel Ouyang, I'll let you in on a secret. I'm the real mastermind behind everything. Hawk was only working for me. Besides, he isn't my brother. He was just a mere puppet in my hands, and you ruined my puppet. I should make you pay for everything."

Hero and Hawk were very different. Hawk was the type who kept assaulting women, while Hero had always been the cautious type. Hero's deviousness made him the worst of his kind. You wouldn't figure out his motives or what kind of trap he had set up, until you've already walked into it. This kind of talent made him the most horrible kind of villain.

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