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   Chapter 601 Release Yakira Mo (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5244

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"That's fine. I'm not in a hurry." Daisy reached out her hand and patted her long hair that was tied-up in a high ponytail. She looked outside, smacking her lips lightly to get rid of the foam that was left behind from drinking the coffee.

"Mom, I'm done looking at all the photos. Finally, I know why you're so beautiful. You inherited my grandmother's good genes! And you were so cute when you were a small child! You looked elegant and noble like a little princess." As Justin spoke, he closed the album and carefully placed it in his bag as Daisy had instructed. He pulled up the zipper to close the bag tightly.

"Hah! Little princess? Little devil, didn't you know that when your mom was a little girl, she was just a maid? How could you say that she was elegant and noble? Is there something wrong with your eyes?" When Mary heard Justin praising Daisy, she couldn't help but sneer in response. Despite all her efforts to be elegant, she always failed. Daisy possessed a kind of natural temperament that she could never achieve.

"Unlike someone, my mom is elegant inside out. Someone may think she is a princess because she's rich, but the ugliness she possesses inside makes her even inferior to a maid." Once Justin was in protective mode, he dropped all pretenses of being polite. He inherited his sharp tongue from Edward.

"Little devil, who are you calling inferior to a maid?" Mary glared at Justin in rage. She didn't expect someone as small as Justin would say something terrible enough to make her furious.

"I'm talking to you now. I'm obviou

? The feeling is mutual. You have no right to ridicule me." Trying to get back at Justin through sharp words was pointless. Although he was still a child, he's more capable than an adult at fighting back. He had always been a gifted child with high intelligence.

Mary burst into peals of laughter. "Jessica, I thought the little brat was only mean to me. But it seems he's just as mean to you! I feel much better now!" Mary giggled happily. Seeing Justin insult someone else made the resentment she felt lessen.

"Are you an idiot? Do you think his insult was just referring to me? Don't be stupid. Don't you know that he just taunted you as well?" Jessica rolled her eyes at Mary. She sat at the table in an arrogant manner. Sometimes, she had no idea how to read Mary. At first, she thought Mary was stupid. But today, she was smart enough to insist that she come here to prevent her from washing her hands clean of the plot. But times like these showed how stupid she was. She did not even understand the meaning behind Justin's words.

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