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   Chapter 600 Release Yakira Mo (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5395

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Mary laughed heartily. "I knew you would say that. Why don't you check this photo album first?" she replied. As she spoke, she threw a small photo album in front of Daisy. The album was yellowed with age. It was easy to see from the faded marks on the surface that it had been kept for many years.

"So you did hide the photo album. I thought you and your mother threw it away, " Daisy said happily, picking up the photo album with great excitement. She couldn't wait to open it. At the first sight of her mother's gentle face in the picture, her eyes turned red.

"Although your mother didn't have a good sense of fashion, she was beautiful and had a kind of classical charm." Mary curled her lip in distaste. She had to admit that the woman in the photo was very elegant and beautiful. Even her mother couldn't learn such gentle temperament.

"Mom, let me see. Is that my grandma?" Justin asked curiously. He leaned against Daisy to get a better view of the album. For Justin, his memory of his grandmother was limited to the small photo on her gravestone. When he heard that the album contained his grandmother's photos, he also got excited.

"Yes! Here you go. You can put it in your bag after you finish looking at it." Daisy smiled as she handed the photo album to him. This album was just a small part of her mother's belongings. She knew that if she wanted to get them all back, she had to agree to Mary's demands.

"So? You ought to believe that I have your mother's things now! Will you call the police and let my mother go?" Mary raised her eyebrows as she spoke. She didn't expect the raggedy th

t gunfight. Then, he understood why Major General Gu mentioned the FX International Group to him last time. He was so ignorant to not even notice such a sensational event. He made such a big mistake.

"Yes, I should. There's a lot more things to bother you later. Don't be so polite to me. Again, thank you very much. I still have something else to do, so I won't bother you anymore. Goodbye!" Daisy never liked dragging things. She hung up after finishing her words.

"Mary, are you satisfied?" Daisy shot her a cold glance as she put her phone on the table. Feeling a little thirsty, she picked up the coffee in front of her and took a few sips without hesitation. Then she placed the cup back on the table.

"Don't worry. Someone will come over to give you the things you want in ten minutes." Mary couldn't help getting a little excited when she saw Daisy take a sip from the cup of coffee. Before that, she was thinking of a way to make Daisy drink it. Unexpectedly, she didn't need to say anything at all. Daisy saved her a lot of trouble and drank it on her own.

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