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   Chapter 599 What Kind Of Person You Are (Part Two)

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Underneath his childlike and naive face, Justin's clever mind and sharp tongue couldn't be ignored. Every word he said was like a fist landing on Mary's nerves. Despite witnessing it with her own eyes, Mary found it hard to believe that such shrewdness and indifference could exist in such a small child. Although Justin might have gained the upper hand over Mary now, his actions would unfortunately bring himself trouble very soon.

"Daisy, is this the way you're raising your child? By letting him insult other people and doing nothing about it?" Mary snapped indignantly. Her dignity had been ripped off, thrown into the dirt, and trampled on. After getting nothing but humiliation from the boy, she started to lash out at Daisy, who had been sitting silently the whole time.

"I know my son. Under normal circumstances, he would be a proper gentleman. I think the problem in the way he treats you lies in you. I've always upheld the right of an individual's freedom of speech. Even if he's a child, Justin has every right to freely express his feelings to those he likes and dislikes. I'm in no position to stop him from doing that, " Daisy replied calmly.

She wouldn't be so tolerant of Justin's impudent remarks if the person he was talking to wasn't Mary. But given that Mary had already shown so much hostility since she and Justin entered the cafe, Daisy didn't think it was proper to sit back and take in the verbal abuse silently. Therefore, she just let Justin exercise his right to express himself.

"So you mean that he doesn't like me, " Mary said, and then turned to face Justin, "Hey, did I ever do something to offend you? Why are you always so mean to me? Every time we meet, you stir up trouble for me. Are you really expressing yourself or are you just holding a grudge because your mom told you to do so?" As she was talking to Justin, Mary shot a challenging look at Daisy from the corner of her eye to see how she would react.

Justin was enraged by her insinuation. "Since you asked, let me put it to you straight. It's not that I don't like you in particular; I just don't like any woman

dn't want to look too desperate. Before she arrived, she thought about what Mary would want from her in exchange for her mother's belongings. And if she was right, Mary would demand for Yakira's release. In that case, she would be perfectly fine with it. The police would release Yakira anyway if they couldn't find any solid evidence within 48 hours. She had nothing to lose in this deal. Besides, she would be doing Mary a favor, which would make her "the good guy".

"I want you to call the police and tell them to release my mother immediately. After it's done, your things will be delivered here very soon." Tilting her head to the side, Mary shot a sideways glance at Daisy. She wondered how important the wooden case was to Daisy and exactly how much she would give to get it.

"I can do that. I can make a call to have your mother released. But you didn't expect me to do all that before reassuring me that you actually have the things I want, did you?" Daisy asked, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms. She was amused to see the unconcealed excitement on Mary's face the moment she agreed to the deal. 'I'm not stupid. Does she really think that I would trust her easily and comply with her demands without hesitation? I'm not even sure if she is lying or not, ' Daisy thought to herself. She decided not to do anything until she saw with her own eyes the items that Mary claimed to have.

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