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   Chapter 598 What Kind Of Person You Are (Part One)

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"Justin, don't you think you're being too dramatic?" Unlike usual, Daisy wasn't very enthusiastic about indulging her son today. As the buildings and trees along both sides of the road quickly moved backward and disappeared from the rear view mirror, she felt a touch of sadness filling up her chest. She thought about Brian, and wondered how he was doing now. Would he ever treat her the same after what she had done to him the other night? Learning the truth about her mother's death was too much for her to handle and she had lost it. Although she never meant to, she hurt his feelings. She only hoped that he wasn't too upset with her and would let her explain everything to him when the time was right.

"Er... I was only saying what I felt, all right? You really think that was too dramatic? Okay, maybe I should keep my mouth shut for a while." As Justin spoke, he turned to look out of the car window. Soon, his attention was drawn to the other cars on the street. Resting his elbows on the window frame, he started to make faces at the people in other cars driving by, amusing himself more than them.

Seeing that he was perfectly content to play by himself, Daisy relaxed and smiled at him. The car became a lot more quiet now that Justin wasn't talking. Letting out a sigh, Daisy gathered her thoughts and focused her attention back on driving. Since she was not familiar with Tea Fragrance and its surroundings, she needed to use the car navigation to get there.

Tea Fragrance was a coffee house far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite its location, Daisy was also curious about why the owner would give the place a name that didn't quite describe the cafe at all. People could have mistaken it for a tea house. But apart from that, the place looked perfectly comfortable and elegant. It was very suitable for someone who wanted to indulge in an afternoon's solitude.

With Justin's hand in hers, Daisy walked slowly towards the house. As they stepped into the cafe, the quietness of the place became more intense, sending a chill up Daisy's back. She immediately had a bad feeling about the place, but couldn't exactly tell why. From left side to right, she studied the entire coffee house and tried not to leave out any suspicious spots, but found nothing unusual. Finally, she shook her head with a sigh and gave up, telling

r revenge.

"My manners are reserved for people who deserve my respect. As for you, I don't think it's necessary. My parents have nothing to do with how I treat people. It depends on what kinds of person they are."

Justin could be very protective, especially when it came to his parents. If Mary hadn't involved his parents and only messed with him, he would have let it pass. But deliberately hinting that his parents hadn't done a good job in raising him was absolutely unacceptable. He fought back mercilessly with cutting words.

"What? What kind of person I am? With that attitude towards me, your elder, what kind of person you are then? You have some nerve talking about that with me!" retorted Mary. 'I'll let you talk whatever nonsense you want for now. I'll teach you real manners later. The very first thing I'll make you understand, little devil, is that your mouth is for eating and not for offending people, ' Mary thought as she shot a sardonic smile at Justin.

Instead of getting intimidated by her words and hard stare, Justin showed even more confidence. "I only know that we are not the same kind. Please don't mistaken one thing for another. Your criticism of my character is inevitable because your lack of depth hinders you from making good judgments, so I don't blame you. How can I blame someone for something that she doesn't know she lacks? I'm only asking you not to put yourself in the same category as me. We are from different worlds. As a woman of your age, I'm sure you can understand that. Unless it's something you can't accept."

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