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   Chapter 597 Things Left By Her Mother (Part Two)

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"Oh! No one at home? What about Mrs. Wu?" She knew Mark went back to the army base, but she didn't expect that Jonathan and Cynthia would also go out. She didn't know what to do at the moment.

"Mrs. Mu went out to buy some vegetables with Sunny, they haven't come back yet. All the other people are busy with their work. Mommy, please bring me with you. I guarantee I will behave myself and won't cause any trouble." Justin raised his head and looked at Daisy with his watering eyes, rather pathetically.

"Oh, okay, let me think." Daisy frowned. Bewildered, she tried to think a solution. If Mary didn't require her to come alone, she wouldn't mind bringing Justin with her. But he was a child, so she suppose Mary wouldn't take offense.

"Okay, Think quickly." A sly smile flashed in his eyes and disappeared immediately. In fact, his true intention was not to go out to have fun with her mother, he wanted to go with her because he was really worried about the injuries on her feet. He had promised Edward this morning that he would take care of his mother when Edward was away.

"Alright. You can come along, let's go!" Daisy smiled helplessly. She decided to bring him, because she hadn't spent much time with him recently. She could bring him to his favorite KFC after the meeting with Mary. It was okay for him to occasionally eat fast food.

"Oh! Yeah! I know Mommy is the best!" Justin broke free from Daisy's hands and ran towards the garden with excitement.

Daisy s

his head and honestly acknowledged his fault. In fact, if he raised his head a bit, he could notice her mother's suppressed smile. She almost laughed out seeing Justin's poor face.

"Only fifty?" Daisy bit her lip and tried her best to hold back the urge to laugh. She continued to tease him.

"How about fifty-five? It can't be more than fifty-five. I'll probably be dead-dog tired." Justin showed his five fingers to her mom and widened his eyes, his mouth pouting with fake grief.

"That's because you haven't done enough exercises recently and you seem to be overeating. I have to be more strict with you. Besides exercises, you also need to watch your diet." Daisy frowned when she brought up the topic of eating. She wondered where Justin inherited his taste for food. He was such a foodie.

"Oh! My god! Kill me!" Hearing Daisy's words, Justin bumped his head on the cushion with an exaggerated expression. He let out a pitiful cry, like he was waiting for doomsday to come.

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