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   Chapter 596 Things Left By Her Mother (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5392

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"Just spit it out. What's the matter?" In many people's eyes, Daisy was always polite when she answered the phone. But this time, she didn't think it necessary to be polite to Mary. She even didn't want to pick up the phone. She picked it up because she didn't want Mary to constantly call her.

"Huh! Do I need to have a reason to call? What if I just want to talk to my dear sister?" Mary blew on her nail polish which was still wet on her nails. She was completely exhausted after a whole night's sex with Wolf. Feeling sore all over her body, she lazily laid back on the sofa and placed her slim legs on the tea table in an unsightly move. Obviously, she was drying her polish on her toes in the air, rather than relaxing.

"Since you don't have anything to say, I'm hanging up. I'm not in any mood to deal with you." Daisy was about to hang up the phone when she slowly walked out of the room.

"Wait, Daisy, don't you want to get your mother's belongings back?" Mary sneered as she reached out her hand and picked up the album from the table. Little Daisy in the album was dressed beautifully like a princess. It was a pity that she was reduced to a Cinderella in the end.

"What? My mother's belongings? But..." She became intrigued as soon as she heard Mary's words, her hand which was reached out to hang up the phone pausing in the air.

"Yes, if you want to get them back, come here. I will wait you at Tea Fragrance. But you can only take them by yourself. Remember, come here alone, don't bring anyone else." Finally Mary compromised and promised to carry out the plan by asking Daisy out by her


"Mom, hurry up. I know what games we are going to play." As soon as Daisy finished dressing herself, Justin ran into the room with an innocent smile on his face.

"Sorry, Justin, I have to go out to deal with something urgent. So sorry that I can't play with you today." Daisy bent down and planted a gentle kiss on his pink cheek, looking apologetic.

"Oh! What's the matter? Did you get a mission assignment? And what about your hurt feet?" Hearing Daisy's words, Justin's bright smile faded away. He was not as excited as he was when he ran upstairs.

"No, it's an appointment. It's okay with my feet. I'll be back soon. Stay home and play with your grandpa and grandma, okay?" Daisy said as she held his hand and walked downstairs with him. She was helpless that she had to disappoint him again.

"But they just left. Uncle Luke went to the office with Daddy today. Even Uncle Mark is not here, he went to join in the trial performance of the new weapons last night." Justin puckered his mouth, was he going to be alone at home? It would be so boring.

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