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   Chapter 595 Mary's Scheme (Part Two)

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"That's okay, but we'll need info. What does she look like, where does she work, and also her address and where she goes often. So we can find the right chance to get her." Wolf squinted at the beautiful naked body in front of him, eyes fixing on Mary's big breasts. Lust appeared in his eyes again.

"What, you need her address and work place, that's not going to happen." Mary fanatically shook her head. If she told him Daisy's work place and address, then he would know that the woman was the wife of the CEO of FX International Group and the colonel of the army base in the city. With the two identities, who would dare to lay a finger on her? So she couldn't take the risk.

"Slut, do you think she will appear at my doorstep like you if you don't tell me anything about her?" Wolf smiled wickedly, pulling Mary underneath him again and he started their second round.

Tonight, there were people out partying, there were also people trying to drown their sorrows. It remained a mystery if they all would have a new beginning when the daylight came and what new challenges they would face. But for Daisy, it was the beginning of a disaster for sure.

The warm sunlight was always the best view in the morning, waking the lazybones who didn't have to work on weekends. The autumn wind blew up the leaves, making them dance beautifully then kiss the ground when the wind stopped.

Daisy opened her beautiful eyes and caught the small hand that had been touching her face. A s

was not strained like the in-law relationships in other families. Or her getting up this late would cause problems.

"Okay, I'm going downstairs to get prepared. Mommy, hurry up, " Justin said, running downstairs, happy like a kid on Christmas.

Daisy freshened up in no time as she was used to the quick routine during her years in the army, so it saved her quite some time. Within a few minutes, she was ready to go. Just when she was about to get out of the room and go downstairs, her phone suddenly rang. So she had to stop her slow steps and turn to the phone sitting on the head of her bed.

It's Mary, why was she calling? Was she trying to beg for leniency? But as arrogant as she was, it didn't seem like that. So what possible reason would she have to call? Daisy looked at the name on the screen, all kind of thoughts running through her head. But she didn't pick up the phone immediately, she waited until the ringing was almost over, then she reluctantly picked it up.

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