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   Chapter 593 The Murderer’s Son

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"I… Excuse me. Does Yakira Mo live here?" Paul didn't expect to be spotted, so he tried to be unobtrusive. He wanted to run away, but he couldn't as he was penniless now.

"Yes. She lives here, but she is not home now. I'm her son. Is there anything I can do for you? If you don't mind, I can pass your message on to her." After learning that the man wanted to visit his mother, Brian opened the car door and got out. He stared at the man's dreadful appearance with sharp eyes, wondering how he knew his mother.

"You're her son? She has never told me she has a son. You're not lying to me, are you?" Paul looked Brian up and down, skeptical about who he was. Yakira had never told him that she had a son around this age, so he didn't believe what Brian said.

"Sir, didn't you see that I came out of the house? Why would I lie to you? Look at you. You're a mess. What could I possibly want from you?" Brian displayed a helpless smile at Paul's scrupulousness. In his opinion, Paul looked like a bad person, but he thought Brian was a liar.

"So you really are her son. What's your name?" Paul still didn't believe Brian. He was detained on Edward's orders earlier, so he became particularly cautious about everything and refused to trust others easily.

"My name is Brian Ouyang. Why are you here? Well, if it's not urgent, you can tell her to her face when she gets back." After stating his piece, Brian opened the car door again, ready to leave at any time.

"Wait! I believe you. My cousin didn't mention you to me, so I wasn't sure. Please don't take it to heart." As Brian was about to leave, Paul panicked. He hadn't had a bite to eat for almost a day and a night. He thought to himself, 'As this guy said, he's Yakira's son, which means he's my nephew. Since I can't find Yakira, I can turn to him.'

"Cousin? You mean my mother is your cousin? Then how should I address you? Uncle? She didn't tell me anything about you either." Brian began to doubt Paul's words. Once again, he stared at Paul in disbelief.

"You weren't born yet when I left the country. I can understand why she doesn't mention me to you. Anyway, she doesn't want to see me again." Paul took a sidelong glance at Brian. He thought, 'So to Yakira, I'm dead. She has never told me she has a son. Basically, I'm screwed. She wants nothing to do with me, and probably doesn't care whether I'm in the country or not. So I can't even hang with my family.'

"What do you mean? Does she have a grudge against you? Or do you have something on her?" Brian was sensitive. He didn't know what Paul meant. In his opinion, the man standing before him was too weird. He had never seen him before, but now he appeared

directly to the police station. Like attracts like. I think she'll be very happy to see you, " Brian informed Paul. Then he strode out of the restaurant without looking back. His steps were heavy and ponderous as he saw no hope for the future.

Brian desperately flung himself into the car. Now he had no strength to ask Leo for the truth. To say the least, it wasn't necessary. The truth was so cruel that he could hardly swallow it. Given what happened last night, they must have found it out before he did.

The baby in Grace's belly died. It would have been a few years older than Brian if it had lived. However, it wasn't as lucky as Brian. It couldn't live a safe and healthy life.

Nobody knew whether it was a baby boy or a baby girl, but Brian stepped into the role the child would have played if s/he lived. That was why he was so close to Daisy in childhood. However, what happened last night changed everything. After knowing the truth, he felt too ashamed to face Daisy and didn't have the courage to tell her that he would always be her only good sibling. If his mother hadn't killed Grace cruelly, Daisy would have had another good brother or sister who would treat her as a princess. In that case, he would never be the only one on her side.

Before Brian left home, he was still thinking about how to get his mother out of prison and how to plead with Daisy for his mother's life. However, he could do nothing now. To put it bluntly, his mother killed her mother, so he felt too ashamed to ask her to spare his own.

Brian sighed tiredly and slammed his fists down on the steering wheel in anger. Now he went into hysterics. The truth laid bare everything that he had thought impossible. Now everything came crashing down. How could he clear up such a messy situation?

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