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   Chapter 592 Who Are You (Part Two)

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They quietly retreated from the boisterous scene and walked towards the garden holding each other's hands. " Hold your hand and grow old together with you, " that was what they were like now. Looking at such a warm and harmonious scene, Daisy's eyes became red. She wished one day she could enjoy such happiness with the man she loved. No matter how much time passed, she always had him beside her and they would love and care for each other.

As Edward figured, Tom really came for the sake of tasting the delicious food made by Mrs. Wu. The whole time when she was making dinner, he flattered Mrs. Wu from head to toe. Compared with the harmonious atmosphere in Edward's house, the Ouyang family was a scene of great sadness.

"Stop, Brian, aren't you close to that cold-hearted woman? If that's true, why don't you ask her to release Mom?" Mary sat on the sofa in the living room and tried to stop Brian from leaving. In fact, she really hated Brian's indifference, as if she had no family connection with him. He had never given her a friendly or warm look, but he seemed to always take Daisy's side. She wondered whether he would still think of Daisy the same way the day after tomorrow.

"Why would she listen to me? She's not too keen on me either, right now." At the thought of what Daisy said to him last night, Brian closed his eyes in anguish. He thought he had unwittingly hurt her by making a choice between her and his mother. He repeated what had happened in front of her. He still remembered w

od. It couldn't hurt to do this."

Having said that, Brian walked out, turning his back on Mary. If she took Brian's words to heart, she would not do something that she would regret for the rest of her life later.

As soon as Luke freed Paul, the criminal tried to secretly contact Yakira. But no matter how hard he tried to call her, no one answered. What he heard was always the automatic machinery voice, "Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not available." After calling her numerous times, Paul got impatient. He directly went to her house. But when he arrived at the door of her luxurious house, he didn't dare to ring the bell. He paced back and forth outside, pretty annoyed. He only hoped that he could accidentally find Yakira around her house.

"Who are you? Why are you sneaking around here?" As soon as Brian drove the car out of the garage, he saw a man anxiously look inside the cottage. He wondered what he wanted here. Was he a thief? But no thief would be so blatant, Brian thought.

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