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   Chapter 590 Daisy’s Injured Feet (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5950

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"Edward called, how dare I not come here soon enough. What? Can I dawdle? Not if I want to live. By the way, Daisy, what's up with all your problems recently? It scares me and makes my heart skip a beat every time I receive a call like that, " said Tom. "I am worried about you two."

He put his hand over his heart, patting in an exaggerated way. It seemed that he did really care about their health. Edward wasn't fooled. The CEO went downstairs after hearing Tom's voice. He thought this guy cried more about his expensive medicine than anything else! Still, wasn't the medicine made to be used? Was Tom going to keep it for show? He just could not understand why Tom was so stingy when it came to his meds.

"In this case, I think a heart transplant is necessary for you. If this heart is so weak, you should change it for a new strong one. Do you need a knife? I can lend one to you, " said Edward coldly. He looked askance at Tom, and eventually put his eyes on Daisy, as if he were not talking with Tom at all.

"Damn it, do you really think I can do this surgery on myself? I should be flattered. Oh my god, how could you think up such an idea? No, don't answer. How could I expect someone without any medical knowledge to understand how to perform a heart transplant surgery, " said Tom.

He had thought that Edward was not here. That's why he said those words to Daisy. Edward just popped up, like a ghost flying into the house. It shocked him and his fragile heart. It was better for him just to keep silent, otherwise he'd have to face up Edward's anger. He might die and never know how it happened.

"As long as you're here, I don't need to learn how to be a doctor, " Edward said, looking at Tom as if he were an idiot for asking such an idiotic question. Edwa


"Given how active you are, I'm not surprised by your sprained ankle. But how did the soles of your feet get injured? Did you take off your shoes and walk on broken glass? I just don't get how you got so many small cuts. It is lucky that you did the first aid well, washing off the cuts before you bandaged your feet. You really don't want sand trapped in there." Tom looked at Daisy's feet carefully, with his forehead knotted in a frown. He still could not understand how Daisy could injure herself so badly.

"Well, Tom, because my ankle was twisted so badly, I had to take off my shoes to walk. If I shed just one shoe I wouldn't be able to keep my balance. But I didn't think things would go from bad to worse like this." Daisy bit her lip. She just wanted to get off the mountain quickly and the pain in her feet didn't bother her. She just kept walking, till she felt the pain get worse and more intense. When it was sheer agony, she looked down and saw how bad things were. Both her feet had tiny pieces of gravel embedded in the flesh. It would be fine if the gravels were normal. But all these rocks seemed to be man-made, with sharp points designed to hurt people.

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