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   Chapter 589 Daisy’s Injured Feet (Part One)

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"Oh yeah. Something was wrong. So we are back here, " Edward replied. He and his father had had a nice fight, laid all their emotions out on the table, and mended fences. So now they were getting along well.

"What's wrong?" Jonathan frowned. Last night Edward and Daisy hurried out the door, one after the other. Although Edward had called him to tell him they were safe, Jonathan still did not know why and what all the fuss was about.

"I thought you really didn't care about that stuff. Why are you suddenly interested?" Edward was so surprised to see the changes in his father's attitude these days. In the past, Jonathan didn't even want to waste a glance on him. He knew very well where he stood. Why was his father so talkative now?

"Never mind. Forget it. I understand if you don't want to talk about it, " Jonathan said, with his poker face as usual. After saying this, he walked past Edward, and went downstairs. Despite his changes, he was still elegant and haughty. His expression stayed stony, as if he didn't care about any reply from Edward.

Edward just shrugged. He had to ask, but he also didn't expect any answer or reaction from him. But his dad left so suddenly. He hadn't had the chance to consult with him about something really important. He was kind of hoping to eventually get some advice from the old man. Oh well. All in vain now.

"Mommy! Why are you hurt again?" Little Justin shouted, wrinkling his small face. But he still remembered what his father told him, and stayed a few steps away from her, in case he hurt her yet again.

"Don't worry, little one. I'm fine. Just twisted my ankle, nothing serious. Did your father exaggerate again?" Daisy consoled him, with her lip slightly shaking. She also watched Jonathan head downstairs as well. To be honest, she was still a bit afraid of him -- he was so domineering and so cool.

"You know Dad knows when not to joke, right? Mommy, you ne

nges in expression. Hence, she found out that Daisy became a little nervous when Jonathan came down and talked to her.

"Yeah, I agree. Grandpa, could you smile? Do like I do, s-m-i-l-e!", said little Justin. He pouted his tiny mouth, staring at Jonathan seriously. It seemed that he was not frightened by his grandpa's poker face. And he wasn't really affected by Jonathan's cold demeanor after living with him for a time.

"Hi all! What's up? Oh wow, something did happen!" At that moment, Tom showed up. His voice was so loud that everyone could hear him even before he entered the house. His good-looking face was full of curiosity. Anyway, his appearance was a good thing for Jonathan. The old man was uncomfortable with his wife and grandson putting him on the spot like that. Smile indeed!

"Hi Tom, you got here fast." Daisy also shot Tom a greeting to shift attention to him. Not only did she not want people to focus on her injuries, she was also embarrassed by Cynthia and Justin teasing Jonathan. She wanted to ease the tension in the air. Considering that she was not so familiar with her father-in-law's temper, she was not quite sure whether Jonathan would be angry about their badgering. Of course, she didn't want to make their family affairs any more complicated.

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