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   Chapter 588 An Unacknowledged Bastard

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"I just want to give you a gentle reminder, " Mary said unhappily, because she had thought Jessica would be so miserable that she was going to sleep on the street. Mary didn't expect that when Jessica heard the big figure, she wouldn't even frown. She couldn't help but wonder— was Lin Group really bought by FX International Group, or did Edward still have feelings for Jessica? If so, the so-called takeover would just be a formality.

"I am the one to remind you. How reliable is the person you hired? Don't forget, Daisy is not as fragile as any other ordinary women. It's not easy to take her down." As her belly was getting bigger and bigger day by day, Jessica got more desperate. She couldn't wait any longer.

"Don't worry! No matter how tough she is, as long as she is drugged, she will be as docile as a lamb." Mary said firmly with a trace of evilness in her eyes. She couldn't wait to humiliate Daisy.

"The question is, will she give you the chance to drug her?" Jessica hated the evil smile on Mary's face. Mary's smile was like Jessica's fancy to Edward, which also mocked her coldly.

"I can make that happen. You'll see." Mary curled her lip. It seemed Jessica wasn't as smart as she thought. She was just an ordinary woman.

"Mary, if you want to cooperate with me, you'd better watch your language." Jessica stared at Mary angrily. She knew that Mary despised her at this moment, but she wouldn't allow others to talk to her like that.

"Watch my language? Jessica, you are the one who needs to watch your language! Don't you think you are superior? You didn't expect to be miserable, did you?" Mary didn't care if she could cooperate with Jessica this time. Right now, all she wanted was to humiliate Jessica, and ruin her pride.

"You lunatic, tell me when you are ready. Now I am going to have an antenatal care. I don't want to waste my time talking to you, " Jessica said, while taking money from her bag to pay for her coffee. Though she didn't drink, she didn't want to owe anything to a person like Mary.

"Pah, just an unacknowledged bastard. I don't know why she is so proud." Mary looked disdainfully at Jessica's back, and thought Jessica might be unable to have this baby successfully even if she underwent an antenatal care.

The afternoon was so sultry that it looked like it was about to rain. This made people feel extremely irritated. Jessica frowned as she walked out of the cafe. She turned around and smiled coldly at the transparent window. 'Mary, do you really think I'm going to work with you? Since there is a scapegoat, I must be stupid if I don't take advantage of it. I won't let such an opportunity slip through my hand, ' Jessica thought. Mary planned everything herself. And if Mary failed, Jessica could blame everything on the stupid woman, Mary, and she cou

like other children. This made Edward feel distressed at times. Edward could not help but think how miserable they have been. After all, it was all his fault. So every time he looked at Justin, he felt guilty.

"Daddy, I won't worry about her. I've seen her suffer more serious injuries before, so I'm not worried about her minor injuries like this. " Justin talked about Daisy's horrific past like an adult. After hearing Justin, Edward felt so worried and frightened that his eyes widened.

"You mean your mother got hurt a lot before? Every time she got hurt, were you the only one with her?" Edward had read what Daisy wrote on the newspapers at the military base, but that was Daisy's side of the story. He would like to know more about their former lives through Justin. After all, the newspapers couldn't let Edward really know their past, so he wanted to hear what Justin would say.

"No, I was not the only one. Uncle Kevin and the Commander were there too, but they couldn't stay with Mom all the time, so usually, I was the one who would stay with my Mom. Daddy, why are you asking that? " Obviously, Justin couldn't wait to see Daisy, so he was a bit distracted.

"OK! Never mind. I'm just curious. Just go, little buddy." Edward knew that Justin was a bit impatient, so he stopped questioning him further. Moreover, he would get plenty of opportunities to ask him about it. So there was no need to hurry now. Edward thought so, but Justin's words touched his sensitive nerve. He was lost in his thoughts until Jonathan who walked down from the open-air garden on the roof of the building called him.

"What are you thinking about? Why do you look so absorbed in your thoughts? Didn't you go on a trip? Why did you come back so early?" Jonathan frowned. He was puzzled by Edward's contemplative look. He wondered why Edward was standing in a daze on the stairs.

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