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   Chapter 587 A Plot Was Born

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9283

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"She must be very beautiful. Otherwise, you must have forgotten her already." As Edward said, he met that girl in his boyhood. Daisy thought it must be about 10 years ago as Edward was still very young. So the girl must be a young and active teenager at that time. That's why Daisy felt a little unhappy when she was told something about this encounter. She could sense Edward had a crush on her.

"Maybe!" Edward never had a chance to meet her after that, so he didn't know how that girl looked like now. Was she attractive or not? He didn't even ask what her name was, which was also a regret to him.

Daisy chewed her lower lip. She didn't know what to say. She rested in his arms, and fell asleep immediately. Daisy woke up early this morning, because she had passed a wakeful night. After such a tough day, she felt really exhausted now.

Edward saw that Daisy was silent. He looked down on her to see what's wrong. He smiled as Daisy was sleeping in his arms like a baby. Edward loosed his arms and put Daisy's head on his laps, so that she could feel more comfortable.

"Mr. Mu, can I turn the temperature up?" Luke saw Daisy was asleep in the driving mirror. He was worried that she might feel cold. So he suggested adjusting the temperature in an undertone.

"No thanks. I will cover her with my coat." Edward said while doing so. Daisy really needed rest after such a long day. So he did everything gently to avoid waking her up. Edward didn't feel surprised to see that she fell asleep so soon because he knew what she had gone through today.

Edward moved a wisp of her hair aside, so that he could see her beautiful face clearly. She looked so sweet in a deep sleep. Moreover, today she wasn't as cold as she used to be. Edward looked at his gentle wife with a tender smile. Daisy never showed her weakness and it made Edward's heart ache to see she was strong all the time. As he was powerful and attractive, every woman tried to get close to him. But Daisy was different, remote and cold, attracting Edward's attention. That's why Edward started to get to know her and finally fell in love with her.

At first, Edward was interested in her, because Daisy was the first woman who kept ignoring him. They didn't start out as a couple, but Daisy grew on him. Suddenly Edward realized that Daisy had become a part of his life and he couldn't live without her. That's why he went ahead and pursued her. Edward was wondering how she could capture his heart so easily, without throwing herself on him like most other women did. Was it because she was this hot? Or was it because there was something special about her, such as her aloofness?

"Luke, any news about Paul?" Edward looked up to Luke.

"He has been trying to reach Yakira, but failed as you know Y

e to put her down now.

"Do you really think Edward will be in love with her forever?" Jessica sniffed. 'Edward is a clean freak. What if Daisy has sex with others before him? Will he still love her?' Jessica thought to herself.

"So you finally realize that it is Daisy and not me who is your biggest rival?" Mary sneered. 'Jessica, I am glad to see that you are so jealous of Daisy. Go attack her. When you two are busy bringing each other down, I can get close to my beloved Edward, ' Mary thought to herself.

"Mary, without further ado, tell me when will we act up to what you said last time." That's typical of Jessica. She would cooperate with anyone to get everything she wanted no matter how evil the person was.

"We can act anytime. But I am worried whether you could afford to pay for it since your family business is bankrupt." Mary raised her hands and blew air on them. She was pleased with the nail polish she used before going out as it flattered her tapering fingers, making them look fairer.

"Don't worry. You won't miss my part." FX International Group took over the Lin Group and its debts as it attacked the Lin Group to death. So now Jessica and her family didn't have to pay in full to its creditors. This allowed them to keep a part of their money and enabled Jessica to lead a fairly good life as long as she wasn't extravagant in her living.

Jessica thought Edward didn't destroy her because he still valued those days they spent together. But truth was that it was Daisy who saved her. Edward was badly wounded at that time and Daisy ran into Rain when he went to the hospital to give Edward those files. Daisy felt sorry for Jessica because she was pregnant and said some nice words to Edward for her. That's why Jessica could still survive. But Daisy never expected that her kindness could put her in trouble.

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