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   Chapter 586 Vacation Cut Short

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"Sure. Who is injured?" Luke was getting nervous upon hearing Edward's words. He started the car and drove towards the hotel.

"Well, Daisy hurt her feet." Edward briefly explained the situation and then hung up the phone. He stepped on the accelerator and left the place, where he experienced both happiness and panic.

Daisy bit her lower lip, lost in thought. She had been too impulsive in the past few days. Was it because she had someone to rely on? She had been a calm and reasonable person all her life. But now she had allowed herself to be a wilful person.

"Hey, Daisy! What are you thinking about?" Edward paid attention to her even while driving. He was afraid that she hadn't forgiven him yet.

"I have changed a lot recently. I have become more wilful and acted like a spoilt child. I feel a bit uneasy about it."

Daisy sighed. People are never satisfied. In the past, she only wanted to have him by her side, but now, she wanted more.

"I know. You have become more emotional. I don't think it's a bad thing. On the contrary, you are more real to me. You are no more a ghost wrapped in a cold skin."

Edward didn't expect Daisy to have so many thoughts after he lost his temper on her. He felt guilty, and became more aware of the saying that females are fickle by nature.

"Bah! I'm not dead yet. I'm not a ghost." Daisy rolled her eyes at him, feeling more relieved.

When they reached the Jasmine Fragrance Hotel, they found Luke waiting at the entrance. On seeing the familiar license plate number, he immediately trotted towards the car.

"Mr. Mu, the doctor is waiting for you. Is Mrs. Mu seriously injured?" Luke asked anxiously when Edward got off the car.

"Well, she sprained her ankle. Ask the doctor to come over to my room and tell him about the condition." It would be better if Tom was here. Edward was worried that Daisy would be in great pain during the treatment.

"Got it. I'm going to tell him right away." Luke turned around and walked towards the hotel. Edward was a little amused by his swiftness. He paused for a while, and then opened the car door for Daisy.

"I'll walk it through myself." Daisy said in a light voice. There were too many people around, and she might get embarrassed to be carried by him.

"No! I can't agree with you on this." Before she could say anything, he bent down and picked her up. He closed the door with his foot as if it was just another ordinary car and not some luxurious car worthy of tens of millions of dollars. He walked towards the entrance with her in his arms.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman — t

inine and delicate. However, since he was with Daisy now, he realized how narrow-minded he had been. Daisy was so tough and strong. She completely changed Edward's perspective of women.

"You tried to tell me a story last night. Are you going to tell me now?" Daisy asked as she stared out of the window and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Suddenly, she was interested in the story. Maybe that was because she had left the city, or maybe because she now looked at things with a broader perspective. She felt she would now be able to accept any news from Edward.

"How about another day? I will tell you the story in detail then." Edward rubbed her hair and gave a bitter smile. He wanted to smile to her, but she didn't even turn to him. He laughed at himself and believed that she wasn't eager to know the story. She just mentioned it casually. Judging from her behavior right now, Edward could tell that she didn't take it seriously. He didn't know what she was thinking. Daisy seemed like a wonderful book, enticing him to read and taste carefully.

"Okay. You can tell me the story whenever you want. I believe it must be a good story. I'm looking forward to it."

Daisy turned to Edward and looked at him in the eye as if she could tell there was a secret story deep in his mind.

"Sure! It is a beautiful story, but it's just a crush in the youth. Don't be so nervous."

Edward pulled Daisy into his arms and kissed her hair affectionately. He asked himself why he still remembered that little girl after so many years. It was as if time had stopped at that moment he saw her. Many years had passed, and that girl must have been someone's wife now. Even if he met her in the street, he might not be able to recognize her.

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