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   Chapter 585 I Don't Need Your Help (Part Two)

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"Come on." Edward turned to Daisy, crouched in front of her, and signaled at her to climb onto his back. Now, he felt extremely heart-broken for Daisy's injury and apologetic for his irrational words and conducts. He was depressed, and his arrogant temperament was gone. Even a trace of depression could be distinctly felt in his tone.

"I can walk." Daisy said while casting a glance at Edward's stalwart back. She was too shy to obey Edward's instruction. Besides, she was worried about Edward's body as well. He just recently recovered from a serious injury. Although Daisy wished to run away from Edward as soon as possible, she could not help but take his physical conditions into consideration. She had this habit of caring for him, no matter what happened between them.

"You can walk! Daisy, do you want to embarrass me to the point of no return?" Edward was angry again. This time, however, he was angry at himself. It was all because of his male chauvinism and his arrogance that he had caused a wedge between him and his beloved wife. And in the end, he reaped what he had sown. He hurt Daisy, the woman he loved the most, and himself. How could he maintain his happiness if Daisy was in such great misery?

Daisy didn't show objection this time, and climbed onto Edward's back like a docile cat. Her slim arms closely circled around Edward's neck. Now, they were close to each other. Although they were the only people in this park, Daisy still flushed for such an intimacy between them.

Daily kept silent all the way. Edward furrowed his brows as this really upset him. But he had no idea how he could pacify Daisy and eliminate her preventive attitude toward him. So, he kept silent, too. Neither of them had the nerve to break the ice. They just felt the heart beat of each other in sheer silence. But the beating of the heart was as elusive as their love for each other. It vanished before a clear throb could be felt. Although their bodies were close to each other at this moment, there seemed to be a great distance between their hearts.

"Why didn't you tell me about your injury when I was here earlier?" asked Edward sullenly. He finally surrendered. This question weighted like a heavy stone in his heart. He had to figure it out a

to the back of the vehicle, opened the trunk, and fetched a bottle of water for her.

"Thank you!" Daisy was really thirsty. She took the water, and drank a mouthful of it. But she drank it in such a hurry that she almost choked herself. Daisy coughed violently.

"Take it slow. Will you go out without your wallet next time? You'll have no money to buy a bottle of water." Edward gently patted on Daisy's back to relieve her choking. Then he picked up the car telephone to call Luke.

"Hello! Mr. Mu, where are you? Why haven't you come back yet? What happened?" Luke seemed worried over the phone. He didn't go back to the hotel as Edward directed, as he was worried about Edward and Daisy. He had been waiting in the car since Edward called last time.

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