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   Chapter 584 I Don't Need Your Help (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7169

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"External factors are beyond my control. It was my own fault that I didn't take care of myself. But do you really care for me?" Daisy raised her head and looked at Edward with a questionable expression of satire. There was overt provocation in her eyes.

"Damn it. Is it really necessary for you to speak to me in such a hateful manner? Daisy, do you know how badly I wish to care less about you? I even tried to ignore you as much as I could. But Daisy, I love you so much that I have no choice but to love you with all my heart."

Suddenly, Edward took Daisy into his arms with all his tenderness. Yes! He was always the loser when it came to Daisy. He surrendered himself at the pitiful sight of Daisy's helplessness, pain and suffering. His arrogance was gone. The only things he felt now were his reproach toward himself and the anguish when seeing Daisy like this.

The warm embrace as well as the familiar scent in the embrace was comforting for Edward. However, it seemed strange to Daisy. The love was still there, but there was a stronger sense of frustration that overwhelmed Daisy. A realization dawned upon her. She understood that Edward was a man who was not to be tamed or perhaps, she was incapable of taming him. She underestimated his arrogance and spoilt temperament. He was no more than just a young master brought up in a wealthy family. She must have overestimated the love Edward had for her. She was depressed and gloomy. It was as if, she never really won Edward's heart. Did she even know the real side of Edward? All Daisy felt now was confusion and helplessness.

"Opportunities are always there as long as there is determination to grab them. But there is a vast gap between us, a gap that is almost equivalent to the distance between the sky and the earth. No matter how hard I try, your elevation is always going to be beyond my reach." Daisy put forth her innermost feeling of frustration for the first time since their marriage to Edward. She manifested her fragility and humbleness without sugar coating or anything. For the first time in her life, Daisy felt a surging impulsion to drive herself away from E

any appropriate reason to explain her weird behavior?

"Don't worry. I will be careful." Regardless of Daisy's struggle and reluctance, Edward gently wiped dirt and sand off her feet. He had to do it as gently as possible lest he would touch her wounds and aggravate her pain. Tears welled up in Edward's eyes when he saw Daisy's ankles. They were all red and swollen. Seeing Daisy's wound, Edward was certain that she must have been injured when he came here earlier. She wouldn't have had to take off her shoes and walk barefoot on this trail if he didn't get mad at her and run off from here in anger. He was Daisy's culprit for all the pain inside and outside.

Edward finally understood why Daisy refused his care and love, and why she wanted to run away from him. Both his words and actions had caused pain and suffering for her. He wished to bring Daisy to this city for a happy and relaxed time. But he never expected that this city would only add to her pains and suffering.

Daisy bit her lip to prevent herself from peeping at Edward's handsome face. She would rather turn to look at the trail leading to the foot of the mountain. A strange feeling seized her. She was trying to recall something, and a picture seemed to appear in her mind soon. But just in an instant, it was gone before it could manifest itself. Daisy racked her brain and tried to recall it as hard as possible. But nothing could be retained.

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