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   Chapter 583 The Big Fight

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"Good! I shouldn't have come to look for you in the first place. I'm just a God damn fool making myself ridiculous!" Edward had been worried. After about three hours of searching for her, he got really irritated. Daisy's words made him think that all the things he had done for her were unnecessary and she didn't need him or his efforts. He lost his temper and for the first time he cursed in front of her.

Daisy still didn't turn around to look at him. She tried to hold back the tears, but in vain. Fierce tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Watching her back, Edward felt she didn't appreciate his concern at all. He closed his eyes dismally. When he reopened them, he walked down the hill, alone.

As Edward's footsteps became thinner, Daisy turned around. She watched him go farther and farther away from her through tearful eyes. Grief ran through her.

She always knew that a distinguished and arrogant man like Edward wouldn't love her deeply enough to humor her all the time, and she had been reminding herself to be discreet. But when he got mad at her, the indifference he showed was still too much for her to bear. She felt as if she was reliving those painful days when Edward had treated her like no more than a stranger.

Edward slammed the car door and sped away, as if he had forgotten the woman he loved was still on the hill. He looked grim, eyes elusive. His mouth was a tight line. One single glance at him could give people chills.

"Luke, you don't need to look for her anymore. I found her, " Edward answered on his vehicular telephone and slowed down his car. Luke had been trying to reach him.

"Mr. Mu, where are you? Do you need me to come over?" Hearing that Edward had found Daisy, Luke stepped on the brake and pulled over.

"No. You go back to the hotel." Edward frowned and made a U-turn.

"Okay, be careful." Usually Luke was at Edward's side. He and Edward were now separated because they had gone in different directions to look for Daisy. He was worried to leave him alone. His ultimate aim was to protect him. Only when he was with Edward could he stop worrying.

"I will." Edward hung up. The look on his face softened a little.

Luke sensed Edward's bad mood over the phone. He was worried and confused. Edward was supposed to be happy to find Daisy. Why did he sound angry? Had they been fighting? But since Edward always pampered Daisy, fighting seemed unlikely.

Daisy was still in the same place where Edward had left her. She was sitting on a rock, rubbing her

yes?" Edward clenched his fists, suppressing his anger. He hadn't expected her to be so unforgiving with him.

"No. I'm in a too embarrassing situation to see you." Daisy didn't know why she was being so pushy. Where were all those harsh words coming from?

"Are you saying I can't even take care of my wife?" Edward's brows were tightly knitted. On a second thought, he did seem like an irresponsible husband. He didn't even notice when she left the hotel.

"I didn't say that. Don't fabricate charges against me." Daisy sounded frigid. If he couldn't bring her comfort, she would rather he stay away from her or ignore her. She felt extremely mortified right now.

"It's not about what you said. It's what you did. Your behaviors make me feel that way. Why did you take off your shoes?" Edward took out his handkerchief from his pocket. He bent over to clean the sand off her feet. Nonetheless, Daisy took several steps back and tripped over her dress. She fell on the ground and the cuts on her feet were exposed to Edward.

"What's the matter with your feet?" Edward was surprised to see the small cuts on her soles. His gaze slid upward. What he saw next pained him as if the injuries were not on her body but on his heart.

"None of your business." Daisy withdrew her feet and shielded herself from his cold gaze with her dress. He looked angrier than he had been last night.

"Daisy, I told you that you could do whatever you like, as long as you don't hurt yourself. Is this how you keep your promise?" Seeing her covered with cuts and bruises, Edward shut his eyes. She seemed to have never taken his words seriously. A violent surge of rage forced its way through him.

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