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   Chapter 582 Don't Test My Patience (Part Two)

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Probably because the heat was most intense in the middle of the day, Edward could only see a few people in the park. From his point of view, the place looked more like a mountain than a park. Along the way, he had seen vast stretches of bushes, come across birds chirping melodious and soothing songs, and passed through woods where sunlight filtered through the tree leaves to create golden halos. The entire place was quiet, peaceful, and sweltering. For a moment, Edward thought that he was visiting a tropical rain forest.

After running continuously for a while, Edward found himself a bit exhausted. He stopped on a flat place, panting heavily. While he was trying to catch his breath, a familiar figure came into his sight. The woman was slowly moving down with her flowing white dress fluttering and dancing in the autumn breeze, like a fairy who lost her way deep in the mountains. Edward couldn't take his eyes off her.

By now, Daisy realized that her sprain was more serious than she thought. Half an hour had nearly passed and she had only trudged a short distance. How long before she could reach the bottom of the mountain at the speed of a tortoise? What a nightmare!

She sighed and wiped off the sweat brought out by the pain from her, and looked down at the seemingly endless road in frustration. Suddenly, she caught a pair of glaring eyes that stopped her thoughts. Then she saw Edward's darkened face. Startled by the intense look, she subconsciously took a step back, only to trip over a small stone. When her sprained ankle twisted again, she was unable to maintain her balance and fell on the ground.

"Be careful!" Edward exclaimed while rushing up to Daisy quickly. Although he was fuming with anger, he got very worried when he saw her tumble down.

"How did you know I am here?

ingle word. Everyone else would always be at his beck and call. Since when did he have to put up with a headstrong person like her? He was too exasperated to mind his words at the moment.

"Sorry to have troubled you. You go ahead, I can go back on my own." Upon hearing his reply, Daisy straightened her face and looked very much the colonel she was. She stood with her back facing him and responded in an even colder and more distant manner.

"So this is your answer?" Edward asked in a chilling hard voice, with veins throbbing in his temples. Gnashing his teeth in anger, he glowered at the back of the stubborn woman. He kept clenching and unclenching his fist, as if trying to control his rage. He firmly held the idea that Daisy was simply in a bad mood. He didn't know that she was hanging behind because of her injury.

"Yes. If you don't mind." This was the way Daisy had always been. In a weak state, she was willing to throw herself into her beloved's arms and act like a spoiled child in a delicate and sweet manner. But if anyone dared to offend her tender sensibilities, she would automatically put on a mask of indifference at once, and keep people at a distance with cold detachment.

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