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   Chapter 581 Don't Test My Patience (Part One)

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The sunlight in late autumn was not as scorching as it was in summer, but it was still intense enough to get someone's delicate skin sunburned after prolonged exposure. Daisy took a break to rest for a while. She sighed as she looked up at the relentless sun. After getting her breath back, she suddenly realized how far she'd come. Although the trip didn't exhaust her, she was now dehydrated.

Daisy raised her hand to wipe the sweat off her face. She assumed that she must look a lot more terrible than when she was doing field training at the base. At least at the base, she was wearing flat combat boots instead of high heels and camouflage attire instead of this full-length dress which trailed along behind her and made walking difficult. At the moment, she felt like a drowned mouse. But there was no one to blame but herself. She originally just planned to walk around but before she knew it, she had strayed off the path and ended up on the peak of a natural forest park. Although she enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and the fresh mountain air, she found that wearing high-heeled shoes while trekking along the mountain was a big mistake.

To be honest, when she opened the closet and found the glittering array of dresses this morning, her heart started racing. She stood in place and stared at those women's clothes for quite a long time without even touching a single one of them. She finally breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed that they were brand-new with price tags still attached on them, so they could not be some other women's clothes. But she had trouble making up her mind while looking through the collection. There were a lot of brands and styles available, but none of them seemed to suit her. All the clothes were either strapless or backless, even if the upper part was acceptable, the lower section could barely cover her hip. In the end, she reluctantly chose this long snow-white dress, which furth

Luke said as he kept looking around the street, hoping to spot the missing woman.

"Checking out higher places? Wait a second, I might know where she is." Edward then turned the car around sharply. Luke's words reminded him of a place where people could see the first rays of sunlight in this city. But the odd thing was, that place was quite far away from the hotel. If Daisy went out on foot, then she was less likely to have walked that far. Nevertheless, he still decided to try his luck and check it out. After all, it was better than running around like a headless chicken.

In less than twenty minutes, he stood at the gate of a forest park. He wasn't familiar with this park, but wasn't a stranger to it either. Because it was exactly the place he described to Daisy last night. It was a place where people could stroll around in the secluded pathways and watch the mountain spring cascade into waterfalls. People who were unfamiliar with the place could hardly be expected to know the existence of such a beautiful scenery.

Edward trotted all the way up the steep and winding mountain road. He prayed in his heart that Luke was right, and that Daisy actually did come here to watch the sunrise. This way, he could put an end to his worries and their hit-and-miss strategy.

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