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   Chapter 580 Edward's Secret (Part Two)

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"No. I'm really tired. I just want to sleep." For some reason, Daisy suddenly felt very afraid of hearing him talk about the girl who had always been in his heart. So she refused to listen to anything connected to her subconsciously. Because the most terrifying thing between lovers was comparison. And she had always been somewhat unsure of herself. So she was worried that she wouldn't be able to compete with the beautiful girl in his heart.

"You really don't want to know the story? It might be a very sweet love story!" Edward raised one of his eyebrows, trying to get her interested.

"Maybe some other time! When I really want to hear it." Upon hearing his words, Daisy's heart started beating a lot faster. She didn't dare to listen to his words anymore, so she just covered her ears to show that she really didn't want to hear it.

"Then okay! It's really late. Let's have a nice sleep. And tomorrow I will take you out and show you around town, to see the gorgeous scenery of this city." Edward reached out and touched her hair, feeling that it was almost dry. He stopped what he was doing, but still went on to get a hair drier and blowed her hair for a while. He never really liked men doing such things for women in general however after he met this little woman, he was completely smitten.

Seeing that he wasn't planning on talking, Daisy breathed a sigh of relief secretly. That was when she suddenly realized that even though they had been through death together, she still couldn'

nder his breath. How could he completely forget such an important thing? He was now anxious too.

"What? Then I assume that she didn't eat anything either?" After hearing this, Edward felt more and more guilty. He had a feeling that he failed as a husband, for he didn't even realize when his own wife went out of the room.

"I'm afraid so, Because she left quite early, just past six o'clock. How about this! I take the car and drive around the city to see if I can find her." The more questions Edward asked, the more guilty Luke felt of this matter. Even he started feeling anxious now.

"Okay! We will split up to look for her. She's not like herself now, she must have forgotten that she doesn't have any cash on her. Whoever finds her first will contact the other via car phone." Edward said these words while walking up to change his clothes. In his mind, Daisy was not the almighty colonel right now, she was just his wife. That was why he got so anxious on her going out all by herself.

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