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   Chapter 579 Edward's Secret (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4985

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Immersing her body into the hot water, Daisy finally let her tight muscles relax. The comfortable feeling that followed it, made her unconsciously close her eyes. Her mind suddenly travelled back in time, to the deepest part of her memory. This was the time, when she was still a highly enviable princess in her family, who had a loving father and an indulgent mother. They all lived happily together, making everyone else gasp in admiration.

But all these things started to fade gradually with time, becoming a distant dream for her. Moreover, now that she knew how her mother died, she felt herself slipping deep into a dissociative state, like a soulless body. So she decided to take some time off, splurge a little and be a little woman pampered by her husband. She hoped that all of this would change her mood.

However, she was constantly irked by one thought. With her body completely drowned in water, she thought about Edward's past. She was very eager to know about the story in his heart. Daisy badly wanted to know what kind of person that girl was. What made Edward constantly think about her, so much so that he ended up naming the hotel in such a special manner.

The pressure of the water didn't let her hold on long. She popped her head out of the water, suddenly remembering that she was nursing her broken heart. She had forgotten to ring her family to let them know that she was safe. They must be worried about her because of the riot she caused before she left the ho

m I the last one to know everything?" As Edward had expected, she didn't let that slide. It looked like he knew her very well.

"I'm really sorry! I broke my promise again." Edward smiled helplessly. Like her words suggested, it seemed that he was lying to her again and again. Though he meant well, he still stepped on her sensitive nerve.

"Never mind, I know you just want what's best for me. No need to worry, and don't look so forlorn. I'm not an unreasonable woman." Daisy raised her head and looked at him. No matter how days passed, she still didn't like it when he frowned deeply. Because deep in her memory, his smile was forever radiant and enchanting.

"Do you want to listen to a story?" All of a sudden, Edward badly wanted to tell her a secret that had been buried deep in the bottom of his heart. And in this way, it wouldn't count as an emotional betrayal, perhaps! He never saw his feeling for that girl as love. He liked her but only treated her as a sister next-door.

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