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   Chapter 578 Jasmine Fragrance Hotel

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Edward cast a sidelong glance at Daisy's smiling face. He didn't take her caustic remarks to heart. All he wanted was to see her happy face. Anyway, her caustic remarks wouldn't do any wrong to him, right? Therefore, he didn't care about Daisy's taunts. Instead, he let out a doting smile.

"Let's go. Take a shower in the hotel to relieve the fatigue of the journey." Edward closed the car door and walked up to Daisy, leading her to the hotel with his arm around her slender waist.

"Sorry. I don't know when I fell asleep. You must be really tired after driving for so long." Daisy looked up at Edward. The expression in her eyes showed her affectionate tenderness and apology.

"No, I am not tired. I'm just worried that you may be tired." Edward answered her with a comforting smile. In fact, this was the first time that he had driven for such long hours. If he went on a long journey in the past, Luke would drive for him, or he would travel via his private plane. However, he decided to go on this trip hastily, and since the destination was not far away, he drove himself.

"Mr. Mu, welcome to Jasmine Fragrance Hotel." The hotel manager came up to greet Edward and Daisy just when they stepped into the lobby. He was a little bit surprised to see Daisy standing beside Edward. As a matter of fact, Daisy was also stunned. She thought the name of the hotel matched perfectly with the characteristics of this city, and she began to wonder who its owner was and why he gave this name to the hotel. Was it someone like Edward who had a special liking for jasmines?

"Mr. Wu, thank you. We only come here for a vacation and not for an inspection. You don't have to worry about anything." Edward knew the name of every senior executive. It was not only because of his good memory, but because of his respect for his employees.

After hearing what Edward said, Daisy was enlightened and smiled. It turned out that the hotel also belonged to the FX International Group. She was right. The owner of the hotel was really crazy about jasmines, but what interested her more was the story hidden behind it.

"It's our pleasure. You rarely come here. We are greatly honored by your gracious presence. If I am not wrong, this must be your wife, Colonel Ouyang." Mr. Wu asked with hesitation. In the past, their CEO only came here to inspect the work. It was the first time that he had brought a woman here, so he wondered whether this woman in the military uniform was Edward's wife who gave rise to a lot of discussion among the employees recently.

"Hello. I'm Daisy Ouyang." Daisy's answer was concise and polite. It was neither too indifferent nor too intimate. As usual, she looked elegant and heroic.

"Hello, Mrs. Mu. The female staff here admires you so much." Mr. Wu began to get excited as he was right in his gues

I will show you all the beautiful rivers and mountains of the world, if I can. Now go take a shower. I have already filled the bathtub with warm water." Edward kissed Daisy's lips soulfully. He didn't doubt her words, whether good or bad. He was deeply grieved by what she just said, so he made a promise.

"Thank you. I'll keep it in mind." Daisy smiled softly. She didn't expect to really enjoy the beauty of the world, but what Edward said was the most beautiful scenery in her heart. It showed her the most luxurious trip of the world, because it was a painting he drew for her with his deep love and affection.

"I will be with you wherever you go, even if it is the remotest corner of the world." After Daisy hurried into the bathroom, Edward stood by the window and commanded an open view of the distance. Smelling the floral fragrance, he seemed to see the girl in his memory. She was so close to him, but as he stretched out his hands to touch her, she turned into a cloud and drifted with the wind, and he could do nothing to stop her.

Daisy was right. This city had the most profound meaning and nostalgia for Edward right from his childhood. He often thought of the girl who was as beautiful as a princess and missed the scene of their first meeting. However, like most storylines, they passed through each other and finally lost each other amidst the faint floral fragrance. They never met again after that.

Edward laughed at himself. What happened? Why did he suddenly think of that distant memory again? Was it because he was now in this city? Maybe he had a different feeling for that girl, but he didn't realize it. On this thought, he frowned at himself because he knew that this was not his purpose for coming here today. He thought he owed Daisy an apology, because at this moment, he was thinking of another girl who was only a part of his distant memory.

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